Vertical Lip

Vertical Lip


This Philadelphia band has only been arranged for a short time and have already been given rave reviews! The music has been said to bring back the 90's grunge and merge it with funk and hard rock. Come out to see them. You'll beg for more!


This extremely charismatic band based out of Bensalem, Pennsylvania is a high energy four piece rock band ready to rock all of your faces off! With incredible melodies, to amazing guitar solos, Vertical Lip is bound to get your attention quickly. Every musician in this band, from singer to drums, have been playing thier instruments for well over 10 years. Mike Gindele, the lead singer, will attract you with his incredible tone and range while Phil Gorlaski will send you to another place with his amazing feel on lead guitar. CJ Thul on bass and Ryan Prough on drums keeps the rythm section tight as hell as the band throws out one big sound to the crowd. Come see a show... I guarantee you'll want to come back for more!


Just finished our 3 song demo!Check it out on

Set List

We currently have 13 original songs and may include some cover songs in our set. We like every show to be original. So, the set list will change at every show...