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This band has not uploaded any videos



"MSNBC Review"

Incredibly catchy tunes, wild energy, great vocals! - 'Independent Study' on MSN.Com

"Patron Response"

You guy's are the best band that's ever played here! - Pat's Coactails - Valley Village, Ca

"Fan Response"

When I first got my CD I didn't recognize all the I'm starting to remember them. I'm glad I get to listen everyday. Great CD release party. Can't wait to go on tour as your back up dancer! - VB Fan *Tami*

"Artist Spotlight"

Local Artist Spotlight
July 2006 & February 2007
Songs Featured:
'I Am Nothing'
'Don't Steal My Heart'
Interview with Doc Rogers - 100.7 KHAY fm - Ventura, Ca


'Your CD Release Party gave us a great shot in the arm for what was a slow season - thanks!' - Santa Susana Cantina - Simi Valley, Ca


Thanks for your participation in the Ground Dedication ceremony. Your performance added a great deal to the event! - Project Understanding - Ventura, Ca

"Patron Response"

We'll be here on the nights you play - every time you come back! - Joe's in Burbank


"You guys are too good! You're not allowed to take breaks!" - O'leary's Side Bar


1. 'Talk To Me' - EP (2004)
2. 'Gigs & Garage Sales' - CD (2006)
3. 100.7fm KHAY Artist Spotlight - July 2006. 30 minute segment featuring interviews and the songs "Fly" and "I Am Nothing" from the CD 'Gigs & Garage Sales'



***Promotional Video Available Upon Request***

Doc Rogers
PO Box 4186
Weslake Village, Ca 91359

Funny Story how our CD 'Gigs & Garage Sales' got it's name. Stick around until the end of the bio to find out (or heck, just skip down)...

Vertigo Blend is a group of eclectic musicians coming together to create a music that very much matches their name; an incredible blend of interesting sounds, words and energy. This mixture of musical tastes has helped to create an incredible team that can create feverishly paced upbeat rock and roll, turn around to give you a grooved out heavy Blues piece, then hit you with a psychedelic return from the sixties with today’s influences before bringing you back with a rockin’ finish. One of Vertigo Blend’s main goals is to create interesting music that does not sound all the same but maintains a continuity and energy to it, thus both keeping the band and the audience entertained.

One of Vertigo Blend’s true strengths in their four year history has been their live show. A VB gig is never short on energy, fun and antics. From impromptu visits by Elvis impersonators, to unexpected guest sit-ins from top flight musicians, to not-so-choreographed spontaneous jumping, the Blend strives to entertain their audience. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Vertigo Blend also gives you an awesome musical sound with great three part harmony vocals soaring over it all…

With a strong following, Vertigo Blend is positioning itself to be one of the most sought after musical groups in Southern California and the surrounding regions. The Blend’s goal is to go as far as they can while enjoying every step of the journey. With passion, talent, charisma, energy, and a true love for what they do, Vertigo Blend is both ready and anxious to show anyone and everyone just why ‘it’s better blended!’

...and now for the story of how Gigs & Garage Sales" came to be...

VB's newest release, 'Gigs & Garage Sales', may seem like an oddly named and obscure CD Title, but it's really as straight forward as it comes. Realizing that the project of creating a full length professional CD would be a costly endeavor, the band discussed the financial needs of the project during a CD production meeting. It was decided that all profits earned from any shows would not be paid out and would go into the business account to help pay for the CD project...but after forecasting gigs vs financial needs, the 'gig' money just wasn't going to cover it. So we brain stormed ways to raise money as a band for the a throwaway idea that seemed easy enough to follow through, the band organized multiple garage sales in differing locations on different days. The band combined all their crap (Pardon, I mean 'pre-owned treasures') together to see if anything could come out of it. A half dozen garage sales and $5000 later, we had the money to subsidize what the gigs couldn't cover. Then one day, someone asked Carmen how she had been doing and she simply stated she really hadn't had time to do anything lately with all the Gigs & Garage Sales the band had been doing lately. Another band member was in ear shot when she said it and bam! A CD name was born.