We are a unique and powerful band. No band sounds quite like us. We create exciting and interesting music that is accessable. We do not write music within the limits of one or two styles, we really mix it up which gives us an Interesting dimension. Take a listen and see:)


Vertis are a band who formed in 2008. Their vision was to do something unique and exciting whilst allowing their music to be accessable. The response from listeners has been fantastic. Glowing live and studio reviews from the press and record companies such as The News Of The World and Foutrak records followed. They were chosen from over 500 acts to feature on Scotland's 'A Sort Of Homecoming' album which was released late last year. There E.P. 'In My Defense' has just been completed. You won't find a more dedicated band!


We have a track called 'Without You' which was chosen ahead of over 500 submissions to appear on Scotlands 'A Sort Of Homecoming' album. We are about to release our first E.P. 'In My Defense' and we feature on Air3 radio in Stirling. We have several tracks that can be streamed from our website -

Set List

Our set ranges from thirty minutes through to an hour. We tend to mix up the set depending on how we feel and what the crowd is enjoying most. We play completely original material.