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Every time the turnstyle performs the reaction received by the crowd is absolutely way above the norm, like I've never seen before.


veryle turnstyle's story

In the fall of 1999, Hans Nyman traveled up to DeKalb , IL to try out “jamming” with his older brother's friend, Luke Abernethy. Luke had just lost touched with his previous band Unlisted to pursue a business degree at Northern Illinois University .

The first practice session was in the muggy, mildew invested basement of a run-down fraternity house at NIU. Chris Lundholm, a friend of Luke's and a stellar guitar player offered to play the bass, joined up. The next couple of practice sessions were held in Hans' parent's house in Prospect Heights , IL . Adam Abernethy, Luke's brother, who had only been playing bass for a couple of years was asked to try and sit in of one of the practice sessions. He proved himself immediately and the three of them began working on originals like Sexy Strut, Unleash that Fire, That Girl, Set Me Free and At Least I Tried. The group also worked on covers like You Can't Always Get What you Want by the Rolling Stones and Red House by Jimi Hendrix. After about six months, Chris Lundholm brought his guitar to practice and solidified the new rock group.

The first show booked was in the same basement as the first practice session, in which 60 college kids came to listen. About ten minutes before the show, the band was in Chris's room contemplating on a name for the band. Luke had been pushing for the name Turnstyle , mainly because of a reference to the Beatles' song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. However, Hans felt it was not adequate enough and wanted to add a second word to it. Hans felt that they had to describe what kind of a Turnstyle it was. Hans wanted something with the letter(s) Q or V in it. Chris Lundholm immediately said, “Virile!” So, with a little reconfiguration of the vowels and the way that the name is pronounced, “Veryle Turnstyle” was created. The show was a complete success and the band played close to 10 more shows the next year.

In the fall of 2000, Hans enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville , TN. Adam had moved to Colorado , while Luke and Chris began their 3rd year at Northern Illinois University . Luke committed to move to Nashville after graduation and Adam eventually agreed after some convincing. Chris Lundholm declined the offer and began his career as a successful lead guitar player for a Midwest Gospel Choir.

In August of 2003, Veryle Turnstyle moved to Nashville , TN. to the self-pronounced Wimpole-Hellhole. What a dump! Three months later Klaus Nyman, Hans' brother, moved down to Nashville to manage the band. The trio began practicing almost nightly and played countless sets to some empty bars and some packed bars in the ever-so competitive Nashville , TN. The reactions the band received were above the norm though, and the band knew beyond anything else that this band had something special. In all, the band played close to 70 shows in 8 months and used that time to progress as a band and learn the ropes.

The highlight of the entire Nashville experience was recording the debut album: Veryle Turnstyle , which will be on sale May '05. To clear up confusion Veryle Turnstyle is the name of the album, and the band is simply called Turnstyle .

After one year in Nashville, TN. Luke decided to move back up to Chicago in hopes that the band would follow soon there after. November of 2004 Hans, Adam and Klaus all returned. Increasingly becoming less involved with the Turnstyle , Adam (the original bass player) decided to join the United States Marine Core and flew out December 6th, 2004 to the dismay of the rest of the band. Shortly there after, Klaus Nyman (Manager) thought about a guy by the name of Mark Steinbeck, who he and a friend used to play with a few years back, might turn out to be a good replacement. Turnstyle was going to hold auditions for a new bass player but didn't need to. Mark simply fit perfectly into the mix.

Despite the rough history of Turnstyle , one thing is clear: These boys know how to play.

A Nashville spectator said “These guys sound like the illegitimate child of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.” Another said “I've been listening to music a long time, and this is the best band I have heard in any bar…ever.”

In recent months, the band has renamed itself just Turnstyle for simplicity and is having tremendous success in the Midwestern area. In fact, they have received Radio Air-play in St. Joseph , MI. on 94.9 THE COAST in which “ Unleash that Fire” was played on December 17 th of 2004 for the first time. The fan base is rapidly growing and Turnstyle is having trouble producing enough CD's to fit demand. The future is clear and there is one certainty…there is only one direction for the Turnstyle, UP.


In August of 2004, the Turnstyle Recorded their debut album, The Veryle Turnstyle, in Nashville, TN. This album includes 10 tracks, including radio played singles as: Sexy Stut, Unleash That Fire and Lazy.

Recorded at Unheard of Recording Studios, with help from the studio wizard Ryan Kaisar, Veryle Turnstyle is a rare & modern Rock n' Roll album that incorporates styles of music found in the 60's and 70's, combined with the use of aggressive sounds of heard today.

The project was self-funded, because it is virtually impossible to make any money playing in Nashville. But the band is touring in the north, and the project will be completed for sale online, finished with labels and artwork April of '05. Check the website for updates:

However, If you would like a boot-leg copy of The Veryle Turnstyle (The original album recording/ no artwork/pictures included), please email us at:

We'll be more than happy to mail you a copy, free of charge.

Set List

These guys could fill up 3-hours of performance with only their originals. They are an original band and therefore only do a handful of covers.

They will perform covers from zeppelin to sublime, hendrix, the beatles and a few randoms.