Very Nice Harry

Very Nice Harry


We dip into quite a mix of musical genres, drawing influences from bands old and new and putting our own spin on things. Our songs tend to be quite melodic and touch slightly darker areas of life


The band formed in Spring 2009 when Pete, Darryl and Mark started jamming a little. Sam was doing a lot of solo acoustic performing at the time and we invited him to join the band, an invitation he accepted. We then started to practice covers and write our own material. Soon after we began to perform in several pubs in the local area with great success. We played around 20 songs at each gig, mainly covers but with 5 or 6 of our own songs mixed in.


January 2010 Demo - consisting of five tracks:
"Smackhead in the Shadows", "Circus Show", "Small Town, Good Times", "Twisted Expectations" and "The Tragic Tale of a Holiday Romance". The latter of the tracks has recieved airplay on BBC Radio Berkshire and recieved a good review on their demo panel show on 24.01.10

Set List

Depending on where we are playing. If we are headlining a show at a pub, we generally play roughly a 2 hour set consisting of 5 or 6 of our own songs, some covers of bands we're influenced by such as Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, and some adaptations of recent chart hits to please the wider audience. At a local music venue however, we generally stick to a shorter set of our own material.