Very Nice Harry

Very Nice Harry

 Oxford, England, GBR
BandAlternativeNew Age

Experimental mix of delay on Bass guitar as well as Lead, enthused with Foals type melodies with Arctic Monkeys background. Pop that in the oven on 300 degrees for 40 minutes, take out and before it cools, sprinkle with a little melodic vocal and a dash of heavy Wolfmother/R.A.T.M riffs.


"Didcot four-piece Very Nice Harry are named after an obscure line from Guy Richie’s only decent film ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and this fact might suggest they dabble in gangster-worshipping musical scuzziness, but in fact they seem at their happiest when powering through big fat Seventies metal riffs, breaking it up with lashings of scamp-tastic ska. For most of the time, they are pretty well-drilled, so my closing impression was one of increasing admiration. All right, they are bit adolescent, but there was definitely more than the odd moment of sly, quirky brilliance; at one point two lead guitar lines combined to give a fleeting impression of Foals playing Thin Lizzy."

— Colin MacKinnon - Music In Oxford, Very Nice Harry - Wheatsheaf 08/09/2010


Tragic Tale Of A Holiday Romance

Written By: Sam McNeill

[Verse 1]
I remember back at the start,
We were worlds apart,
But it didn't matter then,
Because you had my heart,
We would spend as long as we could,
Talking on the phone,
Spent nearly a ton in a week,
And I couldn't wait to get back home,

And now it feels,
Like I'm alone,
It feels,
Like i'm on my own,

Because I find it hard now that your away,
I will never see,
All the things that we could have done,
Everything we could be,
And thats,
Killing me

[Verse 2]
I would stay out late at the bar,
I'd forget to call,
Wait up to you screaming at me,
because it seems like you wanted it all,
But I find it hard when I hear your name,
I find it hard because i'm to blame,
I find it hard when I hear our song,
I find it hard now that you are gone,


Supersonic Studios Demo
Sugar Lounge EP (Truck Studios)