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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Berry Gordy, Wayne Kramer and Iggy Pop just had a meeting and this is what they said: "Get the fuck out! Y'all can't be from Detroit!" - Chart Attack


Thursday, 8 p.m. I wanted to go see Vespas at Agave, but wouldn't you know it, I'm still stuck at work. Grrrr... gotta change my plan.

-Diana McNary - Detroit News


Vespas: Shoegaze, garage and new wave in one- think the
cure, pixies and breeders wrapped in a tight blanket and you have a taste of what they are about.
- Alicia, The Nice Device

"TV Tranzmission"

This young group is made up of three very confident musicians, Nick Names-Guitar/Vocals, Jeremy St. Jeremy- Bass/ Vocals, Redd Jenn- Drums. The first thing I noticed was a very well set-up drum kit, no affect pedals on the bassists side of the stage and only three little stand alone pedals for the guitarist and no over sized amps. I figured some start-up garage or basement group, WRONG! Even thou they have only been playing together for a year I would not say start-up.

Fronting VESPAS is Nick Names; He lends himself to no particular style in the vocal or guitar arena, with a very distorted or fuzz guitar sound. Next is Redd Jenn, drummer I was really impressed at how her drum kit was put together, a base pearl set with several cymbals from different makers. Now this is for 1 of 2 reasons either she picks them up whenever for whatever or she knows and wants a certain sound from that particular piece, fitting the groups sound, after listening and watching their show I would bet on the 2nd. This female rocked her ass off. Bassist Jeremy St. Jeremy, watching him you can tell he feels what he’s playing.

Now combine these three musicians with electric power, some lights and a volume knob you have now created VESPAS, a straight-ahead rock group that is creating their own style and brand of music. They bring all 3 pieces right up the middle to form something different, something fresh. Good solid music. If I had to “they sound like” I would tell you this, I have tried to place them to a already sound and can’t, some songs remind me a 60’s acid wave, some vocals in structure sound like “The Dickies”, that about all, its truly their own sound.

If they stay together and continue on this path as a group, not buying into the “we have too do this because” they will become a strong force on the local and regional scene, don’t count national out.

Yea I liked them! -

"Hamtramck Blowout"

PLEASE do yourselves a favor and check out Vespas MP3, "Retro," posted on the MCR Blowout Audio Preview page - this band sounds fantastic.

...Angular, layered rock (think Sonic Youth’s feedback laced meanderings packed into three minute Pixies-esque songs). -

"Real Detroit"

Vespas play a straightforward punk-ish rock that sounds somewhat Replacements-y. They like distortion, but they don't ignore the need for hooks and melodies. - Real Detroit Weekly


The Vespas: Great new band with elements of lots of styles coming together for a familiar, yet new sound. If I told you everybody that came to mind you’d call me crazy. But it’s a warm, fuzzed out rockin’ good time with elements of charming low-fi pop as well. Sh*t, just listen. They’re pretty darn great and we gotta get behind the young bands! - Rich Hansen - Manager, the Paybacks


High-octane Detroit motor city rockers. The vocals border on the gothic sound of Bauhaus with a shot of adrenaline or Nitrous Injection. With bands like Interpol becoming more popular, it could be Vespas time. -


Vespas: 2004

E.P. has received airplay on 89X (, WHFR FM (Dearborn), and CJAM (Windsor).


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vespas (Ves"pas) n: type of rock band of the genus punkus rockus: grouping of 3 musicians formed in a rock band to create rock music with a punk edge. [syn: Unbridled Energy, Original Music, Loudosity] Origin - Royal Oak, Michigan, USA Circa 2003.

Vespas bring raw energy and musical skills to create original vibes.

See also: Bad-ass Bass [syn: Jeremy Vespa], Lambastic Lead Guitar [syn: Nick Vespa], Deadbeat Drumming [syn: Jennifer Vespa].