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The best kept secret in music


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Inner west Sydney rock band Vespers are fast gathering momentum with knockout shows at Sydney's best live music venues such as Spectrum, Candy's Apartment and The Annandale Hotel.

Vespers' demo has been on rotation at FBi 94.5FM since December, with the track 'Lucky Punks' being played several times daily. Immediately after hearing the demo, FBi's Nick Findlay added it to his playlist on The Bridge saying it is 'one of the best demos he's heard in a long time'.


Feeling a bit camera shy


They were bored but eager to do something about it.

So Ben Davey and Jim Emerson ripped the head off Echo and The Bunnymen, syphoned the mood from The Cure, pulled the motor skills from New Order and ate the heart of Queens of the Stone Age to create Vespers - the best sounding Frankenstein to emerge from a Sydney bedroom in years.

But this isn't some vain attempt to cobble together a bunch of reputable influences just so you'll keep reading. The seeds of Vespers were sown in the halls of academia.

College roommates and co-conspirators in the next likely coup de tat of the Australian music scene, Davey and Emerson knew their collective fates were sealed from the moment that they spied each others CD collections and found they had the same albums. Emerson had a bass, Davey thought he could sing and bashed on an axe.

Bye, bye prospective respectable careers. Hello guitar store debt and industrial deafness.

Anyway, like any great story you need a character arc - and it would very un-rock for something not to go pear-shaped along the way. With Arts degrees tucked under their beds, our two fearless young bucks built a band and then watched it erode as the collective vision became skewed. Davey persisted, Emerson quit.

"That's just not cricket", cried Davey and after a night of booze and hijinks, the duo pledged to start a new band, playing the kind of music that they were bred on. Here begin-eth Vespers.

Along their perilous voyage towards music immortality, the Vespers founders managed to unearth fellow rock dogs Eddie Prevan (guitar) and Dave Robertson (keys, samples, digital guru). Rotating drummers aside, after a few months in a dank unventilated space the four true believers sculpted tracks that you can lose your shit to - or gather your composure - whatever fries your bacon.

Vespers have put their own adept spin on ageless rock styles that will remain relevant long after rich kids burn their stovepipe Lees. Vespers are not a hard sell. Dark, compelling, precocious and as catchy as a cold, Vespers is where it's all heading.