Vespertine Movement

Vespertine Movement

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Vespertine Movement is a local band out of Baltimore, Maryland that includes four longtime friends who have solid chemistry on and off the stage. VM is a rock infused jam band adding elements of reggae, blues, jazz, and electronica to the mix, because the goal is to see people groove and have fun.


Vespertine Movement consists of four friends, who are always ready for a good time and love playing music together. The members Mike Guzman, John Kennelly, Owen McCusker, and Zach Wilson have played in other bands for several years before deciding to collaborate and form Vespertine Movement.
Since October 2007 they have been playing shows in the Baltimore/Metropolitan area and local Maryland universities they have gained a loyal local fan-base. Influenced by great bands and musicians from a wide range of genres including rock, blues, jazz, and reggae, VM has multiple sounds used in their writing and especially their live performances.
The members of VM share a love of music that they are always ready to express and enjoy doing as often as they can.


The VM Demo(2008)
1. The Birds
3.Shakedown Street
5.Other Side
6.China Cat Sunflower

Set List

Vespertine Movement's set list for live shows is diverse and we try to mix it up for every show. VM has been writing and playing for a little over a year and we have 10-15 solid originals on top of the many jams we play and practice with. We mainly play our original songs and we mix them up and change the pace sometimes so the audience can get a different feel for that song, because we don't want our original songs to get old for our fans. VM usually plays sets ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the show. VM does play some covers to throw in a live show once and a while which includes the likings of influential bands such as: The Grateful Dead, Sublime, Incubus, Jimi, Hendrix, The Doors, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Police.

Vespertine Movement Original Songs:
-Captain Creevers
-Her Majesty
-Expansive Odyssey
-Force of Nature
-Untitled(Dance Jam)
-The Other Side
-Makka The Menace(Went to the Dentist)