Athens, Georgia, USA

Rock/ Country-Grunge from Athens, Ga with an emotive front man and 4 part vocal harmonies.


These are songs about a black bird... In 2009 William Chamberlain worked at beer bar in Athens, GA. two men, Jason Fusco and Jake Wells, shared in the misery of an overly demanding job in the service industry, so in an effort to relieve themselves of the hours of backbreaking drudgery, the soon-to-be members of the underpaid music masses decided to begin a project never before seen by the likes of Athens: a cover band. With blatant disregard for the unwritten rules of the hipster elite, the three embarked upon a journey to set in motion "Who's the Boss?", a Springsteen endeavor with peaks of magnificent difficulty to overcome (nobody in Athens likes the Boss). Frustrated with the inability to find other like-minded rebels, the three scrapped the idea and launched "Vestibules," a multi-layered soundscape of pure American rock n roll ballads. Realizing that no monster jam would be complete without the presence of strong female vocals, Breya Williams Jones and Jenny Woodward were asked to sing -and well wouldn't you know- they are now rounding out the sound with keys and bass as well.....


Recording our E.P now!