Veteran Status

Veteran Status


Imagine a place where Elliot Smith and The Indigo Girls drop by for beers and backstage jams with Neil Young during the Live Rust tour and you've found Veteran Status' sound.


Veteran Status is an acoustic group that was founded in Waterford, PA. Veteran Status's eclectic sound has been compared to a variety of artists from Elliot Smith and Neil Young to Hinder and Bruce Springsteen.

The members of Veteran Status are Brian McCauley on lead vocals and guitar, Doug Bailly on lead guitar and vocals, and Chuck Oliver on bass.

Brian and Doug first met in 2001 as members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Doug had just returned from basic training when he met Brian, who was just about to ship off to basic. They quickly became friends due to their shared interests in music and hiding from their superiors while smoking cigarettes.

In 2004 Brian and Doug were deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. They spent several months in Iraq serving as infantryman conducting combat presence patrols, raids, and quick reaction missions. Both had had their guitars shipped to them while overseas and in their free time they practiced, learned songs, and began writing together.

Tragedy struck in April 2005 when Brian was wounded in a suicide car bombing attack. Due to the extent of his injuries Brian's tour was cut short, but after Doug finished his deployment the two were able to reunite and continue creating music together.

In September 2007 Brian and Doug started to take their music seriously and began to work on their first album, Railbent. In March of 2007 they decided their sound was lacking something and Chuck on the bass provided the missing ingredient. With their new fuller sound, masterful vocals, and strong writing, Veteran Status is ready to take the next step in their musical career.


Railbent - 9 track album, released January 2008.
Tiny Plastic Horses - EP, released TBA 2008.

Set List

Our set list inlcudes all of the tracks from our album Railbent and the upcoming EP Tiny Plastic Horses. We also do a few covers here and there by Oasis and Lynaryd Skynyrd.