Veto is an assemblage of creative minds, raised on music from the 70's till the present day. While endevouring to create a style which is not dependant on emulating other bands, their music remains universal and accessible. Influence is drawn from the world in which they live. From ventures into 3rd world, across Western and Eastern Europe and around Australia, there is a realization that music is about more than a song, but a culture. Musical inspiration is far reaching; from European lounge electronica to U2, 80s New Wave to Sigur Ros, and everything in-between.

Their songs aim to bring meaning into a music scene that has become superficial and meaningless with no message other than conformity to uber-culture and pop image.


Veto ep (coming early 2008)

Set List

Typical set length: 20-30 minutes

Maximum set length: 40-45 minutes

Start Over (3:20)
Cameras (3:30)
The Moon and the Stars (4:20)
When You Get Yourself Together (4:00)
DDays (4:30)
Soft Light (4:00)
Out! (Of Normal) (4:20)
We Have Now (4:00)
The Method (5:30)
Emotion (3:00)

We do not presently do covers