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Baltimore, Maryland, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Hip Hop Pop




""Let's Do It!""

Let's Do It!
Blink and you might miss it! Music is in all of us. How we dance to it is another. Once we recognize the tune given to us, we might get stunned at the familiar beat! I want to introduce you to Vett Stunna!

Jinel Lovette Abraham a.k.a. Vett Stunna, was born and raised on the west side of Baltimore. Moving around between 1995-2002, Woodlawn became home until she turned 19, and moved back into the city. As a young child, skateboarding was her thing until she broke and arm and stopped for a long period of time picking it back up around age 20. Music began to influence her life around 1990 watching groups like Envouge and SWV. Artists like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah made it easy to bounce to the beat. It wasn't until 1992 when her mother bought home her first tape; TLCs "Ooooooohhh...On The TLC Tip". Music began to shape her ideals and her personality. Her vibe is comical, witty, a little bit sarcastic but also laid back. “I can be very goofy but I am also a thinker”, says Stunna. “I think all of these things and translate that into my music”.

Looking back she remembers her first rap was a 24 bar song that she still has in one her books. She remembers rapping it for her sister Aryne (pronounced like Erin) and she loved it, memorized it and even tried to used it to battle against her! Her nephew Xavier is her musical inspiration. “He makes me want more and he makes me want to just be great, for him”, says Stunna. “He thinks the world of me even when I don’t think the world of me, but to see that little face and that smile, what more inspiration do you need to be great”? She also draws inspiration from Aryne, Mikey, my mom, Journi, Kiyah, Jaden, Pati, Africa (my bro-in-law), Wyntress, Tamika, Yolanda, Kory, Harold, Cavy, Audi, Ms. Sharon, Kenny, Cheri', Mike (Miguel) and G-d!

Blink, the third video in her career and the second one from the ProjectX Project, was a product of many things. The producer Jeremy Downing, a.k.a, Gifted Jerm, sent her the beat Spring of 2013. She wrote to it, recorded it and let it sit for a while. Around that same time she says she felt a shift spiritually, like she was being called higher, plus her mom had been in her ear for some time about eliminating the curse words from her music. Plenty of songs were written without even realizing there wasn't a curse word, but Blink was really just a reflection of her life at that time. Her latest single called “Let’s Do It” took awhile to write. She was trying not to write "singles". When she’s ready to start a new project, she just writes and records, then at some point there are 4 or 5 songs recorded. Next comes making a playlist of them in her phone and listening to them, then comes choosing the one that would be the most relatable and put that out as the first single. Let's Do It is produced by KKay Davis and she knew the beat was special so she really took her time writing to it. Two other songs were written to that beat before getting scrapped for the song the world bounces to today! Next in store for her listeners is her second single “The Dark Side” which is coming in mid-February as well as the video for “Let’s Do It” and more shows and interviews and cool merchandise.

The only similarity she has noticed between herself and other artists local or nationally known is that what they're doing and what she is doing on this level and it shows her that she’s on the right track. As far as artist here in the DMV, she has noticed a difference in mindset, vision and work ethic. “ I can't speak for VA and DC, but I truly believe no one in Baltimore, artists wise, out works me”. As far as promotion, music, performance, everything, there are no comparisons. Mainstream doesn't overlook underground artists. Every mainstream artist we hear and see today were underground at one point. To every underground artist, including myself, it's just not your turn, but it's near!

Vett Stunna has a goal with her music and that is to motivate and inspire people all around the world. She wants people to hear her music and her words and know that whatever it is they're going through, wherever they may find themselves in life, there is a brighter side to life and your dreams can come true if you work hard, have faith and pray. To the young artist that may want to do this, "Don't do it if it's not your passion. If you don't feel like you'd die if you couldn't make music, this isn't for you. I say that because on your journey, there will be many obstacles. Your passion will be what keeps you going during those times of doubt. Pray, work hard and have faith and there is no reason your dreams won't come true."

There it is Baltimore! Vett Stunna is coming at ya with a new vibe and new feel and new happeings in the Baltimore area! Get ready and don’t Blink….you might miss it!

You can find Vett Stunna at:
IG @vettstunna_alldat
Twitter @vettstunna - LadyBlue, blogger of "Joy Does Come In The Morning"

""Lyrical Fashionable!""

Grinders, I received some great information about Vett Stunna"s new hand painted apparel line. Yes, I said Vett Stunna. I love the garment she has… Please check out her Love, Peace, and Rap Book collection of Expression.

Here are the links…AWESOME!!! - RepYoGrind Blog

""Passion In The Spit!""

Vett Stunna, Hip-Hop Lyricist!
RYG: How did you get started in Hip-Hop? Why?
I was born and raised on the Westside of Baltimore City and County. I first started paying attention to Hip Hop in 1992. I loved TLC, and still do and Left-Eye was my favorite. The way she spit and her delivery was appealing to me to the point that when I began listening to more harcore rap, I started wondering if I could do it? I started writing in 1998. Me and my bestfriend would write lyrics like we were in No Limit cause that’s what we were into at the time. As time passed, I fillevett1d up more books, each one getting better and showing real growth in my lyrics. Plus the way my life was going for a while, writing was my therapy(I know ya’ll can relate!). At this point I feel like I have a message to bring and I just want to get it out there the best way I know how. I have an amazing group of friends/labelmates in H.D. Records, Team Cali, and some dope music to if the true Hip Hop fan willing to listen. I want to bring a different perspective to the rap game. Growing up as a female in Baltimore City can be hard, and somebody needs to tell the story, my story. I got a lot of people depending on me and I plan on doing what I set out to do…take the world by storm!

RYG: Where has your journey taken you this far? What are you plans for 2015?
I released a five part mixtape series in 2012 titled “Mixtape For Dummies” with The Curriculum, The Lecture, Spring Break, Mid-Terms and Finals. These tapes can be found on
Last year I released another mixtape with all original music, including the song “I Do”, performed at the Ottobar on Sunday, October 26, 2014 titled, Hearts & Flames. The mixtape was well received by fans and bloggers. This year, after a personal leave from music, I jumped back in the studio inspired towards the end of July and over a span of three weeks recorded six songs that would commemorate the sixth installment in the Mixtape For Dummies series set to drop January 2015. I am currently in the middle of shooting the video for the third single from that group, my version of “No Flex Zone“, Lil Vett’s Throne. I am also simultaneously working on my first album. I already have some songs recorded and even more written. Along with a couple of EPs coming towards the middle of 2016. As you can tell, I love what I do, the entire process! Writing, recording, performing, videos, everything.

RYG: Places you have shared your art?
Since 2009, I have performed everywhere from Coppin State University to Dubai Night Club, Tony’s Diner, Walter’s Art Gallery, Black Girls Rock hair show, and many more.

S/O to Team Cali…
Instagram: @vettstunna_alldat
Facebook: Vett Stunna
Facebook Music :Vett - RepYoGrind Blog


Legal Trappin' Vol. 1, 2006
Tale of Two Cities, 2007
V! Tru Hollyhood Stories Vol. 1, 2009
Planet Truth- 2010
Mixtape For Dummies Vols. 1-5, 2012
Hearts & Flames, 2013



Vett Stunna is a Hip Hop femcee who expresses Rhythm and Rhyme in her music. In 2006, she emerged onto the Baltimore Hip Hop scene with a strong lyrical delivery and a fiery presence.  Determined to prove that she can had uphold her own in a field still dominated by males; Vett Stunna released 5 mixtapes in one year. Her "Mixtape for Dummies" Volumes  are filled with songs to make you dance, messages to inspire and lyrics that relate to life.  Her  myriad of unique styles are released throughout each song. From singing R&B on "Partition" to delivering funky beats and sharp lyrics on “No Mediocre”, Vett Stunna proves that she's not the norm or mediocre.

Her current single, “Let’s Do It” has become an anthem to life. By revealing her own experiences and dedication to achieve her goals; the listeners are motivated to overcome any adversity of life. Filled with vibrant beats and a smooth lyrical flow;  its contagious energy has everyone proclaiming..”Let’s Do It”!

From delivering exceptional performances, opportunities allowed her to host events within the DMV area. Initially hosting Hip Hop concerts; she has developed her skills to include hosting parties, festivals, parades, community and school events.

Currently Vett Stunna is working on another musical project that will reveal more of who she is as an artist. Her first cd, entitled "Bipolar" is scheduled for release in April, 2015.  Promising more high-powered songs and explosive performances that will entertain the listeners and captivate audiences as they journey deeper into "The Vett Stunna Experience".

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