Vext Intent

Vext Intent


Vext Intent is a cross between Primus and Pantera and everything inbetween! High energy live shows with bouncing rythms and contagious hooks make this band a must see!


The dawning of Vext Intent was in 2003 when Samson Seidel contacted Hymer in response to an ad in a local music store seeking a bass player. The talented bassist had taken a break for about 10 years before this, but once he started jamming with Hymer and then guitarist Jason Chayan, things just started to click. That is, until Chayan, at the young age of 20, was killed by a reckless driver. Determined to keep on with his memory encouraging them, they met Wilson and Kresy. Within weeks, as a full band, they were out playing and recording.
Vext Intent takes their music seriously, and put all the time and energy they have outside of school and work into the band. They are determined to take the do-it-yourself approach and do all their own recording. They’ve set up their own studio, but as Seidel shared, it became frustrating when some of the equipment started smoking, and had to be sent in for repairs, where it has been for weeks. It’s hard to wait when you’re ready to roll.
Hymer shared that when Seidel had a kidney transplant, he was hospitalized for eight days, and the day that he got out, he plugged his bass into his amp and played their scheduled gig. You can see that the younger members in the band have the utmost respect for him. At one show, Seidel started to black out and just sat himself down on a stool. Kresy split his head open when he jumped into the air and hit a low beam, which was a bloody event, and Wilson said that he himself often falls, and one time hurt his knee badly. They love the idea of a band having a “show,” go wild for the onstage antics of Iron Maiden and Gwar and hope to someday have a performance like that on a smaller scale. Kresy apparently loves to blow flames as part of their set, which they are able to do at house parties . When asked about their fans, they said they have an awesome fanbase that will even travel and stay in a hotel to see their shows. The fans are definitely who encourage them and who makes it all worthwhile. And those moments when they are playing, the music and the people in front of you who are digging it are all that matters in the world. They agreed that is why playing out is such a great release, and that when it’s happening, everything else in the world just disappears. One of their best shows was a sold-out show in Tahoe City; people were lined up outside wanting to get in, just by word of mouth promotion. They share the same vision, have a solid fanbase, are ready to work and lay down a new recording for their first real debut, are ready to tour and are letting the world know that Vext Intent is ready to rule.



Written By: Shawn Wilson, David Kresy, Samson Seidel,John Jamison

Waiting on everyday, we will never be turned away, somewhat restless, so hard to please, thats why were pushing, digging everyday until we find the core

Chorus- Whoa, digging in your skin till we find the core, never satisfied until we get somemore

Waiting until were inside, Feel the blood rush, it gets us high, And in the center, we found the key, to this piledriver we'll never spendanother day down on our knees

Let this lift you off your feet again!
your gonna let this danger right under your skin

Let this lift you off your feet again!
Your gonna let this danger right under your skin


Currently we have started recording a long overdue album! All of our songs we have recorded are from over 2 years ago when we were about 4 weeks old! Recording began Oct 1st. We have several singles out many of wich are on songs such as Piledriver, Hell 2 pay, Foreigner, Shift, and Pity the fool. Many new songs on the way! Listen to 106.7 ZROCK for our latest tracks!!

Set List

Pity The Fool
Hell 2 pay
Sin City
My Way
Mighty Ball
2 Fisted

Our Sets commonly played due to venue are about 45 min to 1Hr and have been more or Less depending on the gig!