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vherbals music is content driven. he says what we are all thinking but are afraid to say. in a world of shallow and meaningless lyrics he tries to fuse catchy and memorable song structures with powerful yet simple messages.


vherbal has overcame tremendous obstacles throughout his life and career, but his never say die attitude has propelled him to the cusp of greatness. his fans have watched him progress from a karaoke machine in a trailer park to a hip-hop dynamo over the last 12 years. along with being one of the most edgy and controversial hip-hop artists in the last decade, he has earned his stripes as a producer as well. composing instrumentals for the likes of royce da 5 9 and hypnotized minds along with film and television placements here and there. he attended mcnally smith college of music and received his associates in recording technology, rubbed elbows with names like ice cube and diana ross while attending. during his time in minneapolis he was in the process of working with rhymesayers entertainment and its founder slug from atmosphere, he was offered an opening gig for him at the well known first avenue but declined due to lack of confidence in his current material. needless to say confidence is no longer an issue and his freshman release "home grown" has been a hit on the local college radio circuit and has sold nearly 1000 copies since its release in early febuary of this year. life is changing for vherbal and fast but all the while he keeps a firm grasp on his past and will never forget the trailer he came from.


Single "State Of The Industry" was in heavy rotation in the UK in 2005

Single "Falling Apart" was featured the twin cities indy route compilation released by koch records.

Songs from the new album "Home Grown" have been played on college radio here in ohio for the past month.

Set List

As an opener 30 Min.

1. Charisma
2. Opportunity
3. Rappers
4. Im Sorry
5. Rappers
6. Hang Over
7. Bucket List
8. Ninety Six

Headlining 45 min-1 hour

Same as before but with

1. Infomercial intro before first song
2. Rest Of Songs off "Home Grown"

Theres 12 Solo tracks About 50 Min of strait material if needed