Via Audio

Via Audio

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Over a decade in the making, Brooklyn's Via Audio makes lush, melodic indie pop with a concentration on harmony. 2007's "Say Something" & 2010's "Animalore" were produced by Jim Eno (Spoon); their newest record "NATURAL LANGUAGE", produced by Dan Molad (Lucius), was self-released in early 2014. New tracks recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Converse Shoes' Rubber Tracks Sessions will be released late 2015.


Via Audio was formed in 2003 at the infamous Berklee College of Music in Boston. After releasing a self-titled EP on the small independent Kill Normal Records in 2004, the band first garnered attention when Death Cab for Cuties guitarist Chris Walla dubbed them his new favorite band, in his column for Under the Radar Magazine.

They soon after caught the attention of Spoon drummer Jim Eno, who would become their longtime producer, collaborator and comrade. With Enos help behind the board, Via Audio released their first full-length, "Say Something", in 2007 on California-based indie label Sidecho Records, as well as Kurofune Records in Japan. Pitchfork Media described "Say Something" as having such a beautiful gloss over everything that it sticks, hurts, and feels delicious and the album received accolades from Spin, Nylon, Under the Radar, Alternative Press, theTripwire, and Stereogum, among others. The band has since toured the U.S. and Japan alongside the likes of Spoon, White Rabbits, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Ha Ha Tonka, Jukebox the Ghost, Elizabeth & the Catapult, and Modern Skirts, making appearances at the South By Southwest, Monolith, and CMJ festivals.

After the departure of a key band member, Via Audio shut themselves up again in Enos Austin, Texas home studio in 2009, tackling their next songbook as Eno carefully and artfully crafted different sonic palettes for each unique song on "Animalore". The result is an album that plays like a pop-up book for adults, bursting with vivid colors and secret corridors at the turn of every page.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, they were able to record their newest effort "NATURAL LANGUAGE", produced by their original drummer Dan Molad (Lucius) in his Brooklyn home studio Sounds Like A Fire. After 2 years of searching for the help of a label and the departure of yet another member, the new record was self-released in early 2014, a decade after their first self-titled EP.

In September 2015, Via Audio teamed up with Converse Shoes for a 2-day Rubber Tracks recording session at Toca do Bandido, a studio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The songs will be released later this year.


Developing Active People

Written By: Via Audio

Someone is around you
No one is in sight
Hopeful they might find you
Soon, soon, soon

Headlights shining right on
CD on the dash
Check out the silhouettes
Check, mate, crash.

*And if you park your car
close to the curb,
no one will have to swerve

Laying right beside you
They said it wouldn't last
Disaster's struck with all your luck
And currencies amass



2014 - "Natural Language"
2010 - "Animalore"
2007 - "Say Something"
2004 - S/T EP