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Via Dove

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE

St. Louis, Missouri, United States | INDIE
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"And The Reviews Are In..."

We’re getting a ton of positive feedback for El Mundo Latino! Such as:

“Via Dove’s debut full-length, El Mundo Latino, is in line with the hurricane-rock atmosphere of its live shows. Jagged guitar riffs, gigantic drums, deep-grooved rhythms and vocalist Andy Shadburne’s twang-burnished growls dominate these eleven songs.” -RFT

“…this album is pure, balls-out rock in all its crunchy glory….With El Mundo Latino, Via Dove will get you through any situation with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll attitude to spare.” -Eleven Magazine

“Via Dove creates a solid album with a very good rocking mix of songs that are all good enough for radio play. The album starts off very quick tempoed, with a good “party” feel and progresses to a slower tempo as it continues. These are all very solid songs.” -KWUR - KWUR

"Via Dove - A New Model"

It’s indefinable, vague and wispy, whatever it is that makes some bands stand out from the overpopulated, ever-evolving (but altogether necessary) pool. It’s the sound, yes, the way the music makes you feel; it’s the way the light hits the guitar and casts a perfect shadow as you sway in its dusk. But surely there’s something about the people, the individual musicians whose creativity and collective consciousness has come together in just such a way as to craft this art, record this song, put on this show.

In the case of Via Dove—Andy Shadburne (vocals/guitar), Aaron Vaught (guitar/vocals), ReidB (drums/vocals) and Mike North (bass/vocals)—it’s all of these intangibles and more. It’s the band’s unwritten coda: Treat people like humans. It’s the honest connection these four have, the greater vision they share, all of them, not just the primary songwriters/idea generators (Jones and ACV). It’s the other-worldly practice/recording space—an old cathedral in the midst of being transformed into a live music venue—that enriches their songs, acting as something of a fifth member, a guiding power. It’s the drive for every member of the crowd to take home an engaging and memorable experience.

All of this, of course, would mean nothing without drive, motivation, visualization. Via Dove is unafraid to acknowledge its desire for success, to enable free-flowing ideas while maintaining a vision of the band as a business. They draw up outlines, delegate tasks, recruit assistants. They create, they dream in color, yet they also follow through.

Or maybe the easy answer really is the right one; maybe it really is all about the music. Perhaps it’s as simple as the way Via Dove songs defy ready categorization, embracing genres and influences, exploring sounds and styles without limitation or restriction. Maybe it’s that, finally, this is a band we can all appreciate: for its shared passion, for its revelation, for its richly woven and heartfelt songs.

Via Dove is what happens when four talented musicians come together and create. When they write from what’s true and inside and around them, unmindful of trends or genres. When they draw upon a collective spirit and commitment to music and each other. - STL Sound Magazine


El Mundo Latino - 2010
Live At The Chapel - 2009
Twilight - 2008



Via Dove exists to sing harmonies, make noise, rip through solos, and shake hips Loud guitars, sweet echoing melodies, and fearless backbeat converge in songs that fear no label. It has been done well before, and Via Dove does it well again. Maybe even better. Via Dove shares communal will to produce greatness from the piles of forgotten riffs and pre-grooved beats. They create a renewing sound. It is old and new. Loud and quiet. Serious and fun. Groovy and raw.

Hailing from Saint Louis, Via Dove shares a vision of success with the cities best venues, bands, and promoters. The band sonically emits the urban and historical Saint Louis while allowing blips of small-town roots from across the American landscape to peek through the layers of gritt. Within the band, there is a passion for creation. All members pursue more than music, finding outlets in photography, graphic and web design, recording, video editing, three-dimensional rendering, arts promotion, small business, mixology and sales. United, the band provides collections of song and art that immediately become memorable.