Viaggio Quartett Jazz Klezmer

Viaggio Quartett Jazz Klezmer


The Viaggio Quartett takes you through the jazz, the yiddish and gypsy music, with a wink in the tango!
A music sometimes intimist and sometimes overflowing with vitality and energy.
Very high level of the musicians (soloist diploma, played with Frank Sinatra, Whitey Houston...) and a very good mood on the stage!!!


Viaggio Quartett Jazz Klezmer

The clarinetist Sarah Chardonnens played the flute with 2 years old, and the little clarinet Eb with 3 ! She studies clarinet and Bassclarinet in the Academy of Fribourg, Zürich and Winterthur. Education Diplome, diplome of soloist, she won several international competitions and plays with orchestras as the orchestra of Tonhalle, orchestra of the opera of Zürich. As soloist, she performes in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium. She is Solo Clarinetist of the Chamber Orchestra of Fribourg.

Born in Monte Carlo, Richard Pizzorno begins to play the accordion with 3 years old. Then he chooses the cello. He attends then class of the Academy of music of Monaco, where he obtains his first price. He accompanied numerous musicians, in particular Michel Legrand, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Whitney Houston, Michel Fugain, and as member of the Pepe Lienhard Band, Udo Jürgens. Within the framework of Rose d' Or de Montreux he had the opportunity to play for Quincy Jones. Some recording in all Europe among others with André Cecarelli and Jean-Paul Cecarelli (battery(drum kit), ex--Sting and Chick Corea). He does not moreover know borders, because in Hong-Kong the English and Chinese televisions benefited from his services. At present, he occurs with the chamber orchestra of Basel and the nuovotango group 676.

Enzo Miraglia, drums. Graduate of the Academy of Montreux and also the Swiss Company of Musical Pedagogy. The music gives rhythm to Enzo Miraglia's life. He gives the measure of a creative drive which expressed itself through several albums. Of the jazz in the French song, by way of the theme music and the creations of works for the live performance A the art of the melody and in the diversity of the arrangements, he knows again how to associate the music of the words through the writing of his own texts. Today, Enzo Miraglia is member of various music groups. Hardly of several recordings and rich in the demanding experience of the stage, he is requested as well in Switzerland and abroad. It is also worried of sharing this experience and of enriching it thanks to the exchange by teaching the battery(drum kit) within the western Academy vaudois "COV" to Nyon, where he created the section jazz.

Cedric Gysler studied the Bass at the Academy of Montreux as well as to the EJMA Lausanne (professional certificate). As guide, he participates in : chorus(choir) Gospel of the EJMA, Fa7, Coffee(Café) Coffee(Café), diverse creations of Pierre Huwiler, Big Band de Montreux, Big Band de l' EJMA and Val Big Band, François Vé (turned(shot) in Switzerland(Swiss) and in Belgium), Martin Rewki, Night general store(Night mess) (turned(shot) in China), Seven in Opera hats(Slaps), The Amur is a dog of the Hell (reading), Oliver (musical), My Girl ( musical), The Waiting room (reading and improvised double bass), Fashion Victim ( theater), diverse tours also in Switzerland(Swiss), France and Italy. Cheek at present with Gabriele Pezzoli trio, Evaristo Pérez Trio, Soraya Berent quartet, David Robin trio, Sees sensitive, collective b9, Yaël Miller trio, OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER (electro-tech duet). In played with: Kenny Kotwitz, Robin Kennyatta, Ohad Thalmor, Michel Bastet, Gilles Torrents, Thomas Birchler


The Viaggio Quartett is a new formation and is actually working on a recording project....
soon available!!!
But you can hear some examples on