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Via Linota

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Pop Acoustic


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"Via Linota"

The best way to explain the type of music is by using phrases like new-age, alternative, happy, good-mood music, and puts-a-smile-on-your-face kind of sound. Justin is the male version of Colbie Caillat. The music has simple yet poetic lyrics that make you simply smile. This is the type of music that you can have anyone listen to and they can’t complain. Justin’s catchy, unique, and soft voice could put anybody in a relaxing state of mind. - Review Artists (Blog)

"Via Linota Mixes Passions into a “Newternative” Genre of His Own"

Via Linota’s Justin Anderson of Lancaster, PA already has his plate full but that doesn’t stop him from asking for seconds. When he is not on stage performing his unique blend of acoustic-piano-pop-rock that he has dubbed as ‘Newternative’, he can be found in the classroom teaching German, promoting his album, and even creating a record label. Inspired by the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Ben Folds, and Sigur Ros, Via Linota conveys a style that is easy to listen to without putting you to sleep.
“Via Linota,” which in Latin translates to “through words and notes,” blends the two into a rare approach to songwriting. Starting on the piano at the ripe age of 6, Anderson’s thirst for learning instruments seemed unquenchable. He soon added guitar, mandolin, and some 20 other instruments to his repertoire, all of which he tries to incorporate into his songs.
Instrumentation is only one side of the sword, however. “Language and music are the two focuses,” Anderson tells Tristate, a statement that shines through in his work. His debut album, World Gone Crazy, includes the track, “Reisen”, sung entirely in German. Other stand-out tracks from the album that he recorded with co-producer, Darrell Lehman at Tone Grown Studio in Nashville, include, “Farewell” and “Seasons.”
When Anderson was left unfulfilled trying to pinpoint his style, he went and penned the genre, ‘Newternative’, with a label to match. Though in its infancy, Newternative Records is currently accepting demo’s of similar artist to try to garner support for the genre. As we mentioned Justin’s plate was full and now add that to the resume of artist, manager, booking agent, publicist, high school teacher, parking attendant, linguistics scholar and world traveler.
If you missed him a couple weeks ago you can catch Via Linota this Friday, Oct 1st, at the Chameleon Club with a host of other acts listed below. Oh and don’t worry Mom and Dad, it’s not a school night. Expect to see Justin behind the keyboard and mic, accompanied by live drums and bass. Those of you in Manhattan can see a more raw stripped down version on Oct. 3rd at The Bitter End in the Village. - Tri State Indie

"Via Linota-Justin Anderson"

The first thing that strikes me when I sit down with multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Justin Anderson, at Starbucks to discuss his project Via Linota[translated from Latin meaning through words and notes] is his level of intensity. I think “no caffeine for me” and immediately order an herb tea. He holds a copy of his recently released CD World Gone Crazy and is quick to point out to me the care and detail that went into it’s creation. It was recorded in Nashville with producer, Darell Lehman. “I met Darell through a friend. We met at this same Starbucks and I told him my ideas for the record. For one thing no samples.” All the instruments on the songs are played for real including the dozen or so that Justin plays. Some of these I am not even familiar with.
“A big influence of mine is Sigur Ros,” says Justin. “I wanted to make the kind of record that could be in the background of your consciousness, but that would reveal many layers and textures when paid attention to.” We got on the topic of how difficult it is to get people to listen to your music with the assault on our senses that modern life throws at us. So much input, so little attention span. “The other thing is that we are afraid to be silent. I always have to have something on. It’s like there is a fear of what we would do with the empty space,” Justin explains.
I comment on a couple of standout tracks from World Gone Crazy that have resonated with me. “Seasons” talks about how we all look forward to that time in the future while forgetting to enjoy the beauty of the moment. The title track “World Gone Crazy” says it all in the line ”in a world gone crazy for life lived alone”. Played over somber piano chords you can feel the melancholy and longing. The album is a carefully crafted work of art that is both literate and easily accessible. Like most good music it rewards with repeated listens. That brought Justin and I to the topic of how to get the message out. “An artist is more than just the music”, says Justin. “It’s hard to be both artist and agent. When I am focused on booking shows then I find I am not composing.” This is a dilemma that most upcoming indie artists face.
In the meantime Justin teaches German to pay the rent, works at his craft and keeps many irons in the fire. There is talk of a horror film soundtrack in the future. “I have always wanted to do movie scores and made a connection with someone who did the Halloween sequel H20.”
In this writers opinion, Justin Anderson and his project Via Linota should not be missed. He plays 2 shows in December with his band. On the 21st he appears with Joy Ike at C4 coffeehouse at Calvary Church in Lancaster. He will also be performing at Crocodile Rock in Allentown on the 30th. For more info and to be able to purchase World Gone Crazy go to his website - Tri State Indie


Album: World Gone Crazy
1. An Introduction
2. The Tale
3. Emergency Contact
4. Seasons
5. World Gone Crazy
6. Moon Baby
7. Farewell
8. Georgia May
9. New Romans
10. Reisen
11. Close Your Eyes
12. Not Into You



Via Linota, is the artistic musical expression of Justin Anderson, a singer-songwriter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The name Via Linota, meaning “through language and notes, conveys Justin’s desire to connect through both music and story. Writing in a style he terms Newternative, Via Linota’s music is acoustic and organic while at the same time producing catchy pop songs that leave the listener with unforgettable melodies. Grammy award winning songwriter Don Henry calls Via Linota’s music “Witty, whimsical and wonderful...a splendid bridge between old school and young school singer/songwriters.“

Justin spent the first half of 2010 recording and co-producing his debut album entitled World Gone Crazy, which he officially released in summer 2010. Although Via Linota is a solo artist, additional musicians also join him on stage for lives shows to recreate the rich layers, instrumentally-textured music, and catchy melodies that define Via Linota. Although Justin writes the majority of his music on guitar and piano, he also regularly incorporates vivid string arrangements and unique instruments such as the banjitar and psaltery in his music.

Justin began his musical journey at six years old when he began piano lessons from a local teacher. A few years later, Justin added guitar and then mandolin to his repertoire of instruments. He continues to explore new instruments and seeks to incorporate them in his songs.

Justin has played many genres including classical, bluegrass, jazz, and rock. In high school Justin led a jazz quintet called Mainstreet 5, and in 2001 he produced their debut album of jazz standards from the 1950s and ‘60s. In high school he also led an acapella quartet in which he sang bass. All of these influences have enriched his writing, helping it become diverse and complex.

Inspired by his college studies in classical and foreign languages, as well as time spent living abroad in Germany and Scotland, Justin delivers a poignant combination of melodies and words that invites reflection. Via Linota continues to write new songs, and in fact already has an additional concept EP nearly written and looks forward to eventually finding time to spend in the studio to produce it. As of now, however, his focus is the promotion of World Gone Crazy and is currently planning to play a festival circuit during the summer of 2011.