Via Lotus

Via Lotus


Female singer Tasha Addessi is a bluesy soul belting with a grungy twist. Behind her, Crunchy outer space guitars circle around hard hitting drums with stop-start dynamics. After spending five weeks on a self booked 2012 DIY US tour, Via Lotus is fast evolving beyond Ohio's best kept secret.


When singer/songwriter Tasha Addessi met producer/musician JCK at an open mic night, he bought her a drink and intently whispered, “Your songs aren’t just acoustic tunes, you need a vicious rock band behind you.” The conversation naturally turned into an eclectic mix of music talk, from classical, to folk, rock-n-roll, jazz, doo-wop, grunge/alternative and everything else in-between. The pollination of a musical relationship began that night after last call. Via Lotus erupted onto the Ohio music scene in March 2011 upon the release of their debut album “Secrets.” They cut the record by attempting to capture the sound and vibe of a live performance. “Secrets” was designed to “flow effortlessly as one movement” says JCK, who produced and mixed the album. With their unique approach, they self-released “Secrets” on the band’s own label, Diskette Records, using recycled floppy discs as CD covers. Tasha’s powerful soul vocal blends with JCK’s edgy distorted guitars and creates an alluring spacious atmosphere. The result is a dash of PJ Harvey, a pinch of 50’s Motown, and a shred of Led Zeppelin, all marinated in musical mélange of Smashing Pumpkins, Fiona Apple and The Cranberries. Playing regionally with esteemed indie bands like Company of Thieves, Empires, Colour Revolt, mr. Gnome and Red Wanting Blue, Via Lotus creates a high-energy live show that is earning accolades like Buzzbin Magazine's 2011 proclamation that the band is one of three Ohio "bands to watch." After spending five weeks on a self booked US tour, Via Lotus is fast evolving beyond Ohio’s best kept sonic secret.


2010: Tasha Lynn Acoustic EP
2011: Via Lotus "Secrets" Full Length record

2012: "My Own Worst Enemy" Single
2012: "Secrets" Single