Via Negativa

Via Negativa


I would say...Hard working , Exciting , Progressive & Full of melodies. Every song has a mind of its own so there is somthing for everyone.


The band was born in Late 2004 With Adam & Billy meeting in an east London music store, instantly clicking and creating the guitar foil that now is set in stone.
Original Drummer Ben Knowles followed.

Next came the Bass beast that is Jim Horn.
Born into a musically passionate and gifted family, originally taking up the tuba and as a teen began to focus on the bass guitar.

For the next few months the aim was to get to know each other and lay down the foundation of what is now VIA NEGATIVA.

Once the band was ready (November 04) we booked ourselves into O.T.R Studios, Hackney for our cherry popping recording session. From the very first playback we knew there was a sense of individuality.

For the next year and a half we dabbled with London shows such as The Barfly , Borderline , Dublin Castle , Clapham Grand & The Dome but primarily the focus was on writing the rest of our first album.

The Via story would not be complete without 2 more people, our Producer / Guru Mickey Howard, and newest member Jeremy Piau on Drums.

Mickey has seen us grow from composition to composition and has played a huge part in constructing our Debut Album.

Jeremy Piau, the Frenchman with ideas that push the boundaries, at heart he loves to shock and entertain whilst behind his Cymbal laden kit.
The coincidence in meeting Jeremy is near on impossible (For me) to explain.

Once Jeremy joined the band the album was finished off with the final two tracks and the only ones that features the new line-up.

As of May 16th 08' the debut Album will be available for the entire world to see and hear.
Also available are 3 kinds of T- Shirt and 4 different badges.

After 58mins and 13Tracks you will know what you are dealing with.

SO NOW, we aim to take this album to as many people as possible.

We are fundamentally a live band and so gigs are the fuel that keeps us going.

Hope this gives you some idea of what we are about and how we came to this point.


Debut Album - Via Negativa (self titled)
Available from Shows and through our Myspace

As of May 16th

Set List

Our setlist is made up of our own tracks with 1 Peter Green track, Green Manalishi.
Although the set is flexible depending on time allocated.
Infact come and find out for yourself:D