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Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria

Sofia, Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Trish: rencontre avec un trio de talent"

Trish: rencontre avec un trio de talent

Trish, peut-être, un son tout droit sorti d’une de leur exploration musicale. Le mystère reste entier. a décidé de lever le mystère Trish pour présenter au public français l’univers trip hop de ce groupe originaire de Bulgarie.

Au début des années 2000, Viara Popova, Yuli et Zahari forment le groupe Trish. Aujourd’hui, à l’heure où le trio rencontre ses premiers succès et où les concerts s’enchaînent à Sofia, le groupe commence à connaître une réelle notoriété. Grâce à Myspace, le phénomène Trish dépasse les frontières jusqu’à venir titiller les oreilles de

Tout a débuté avec le morceau Crab Salab. En 2003, Viara Popova propose à ses acolytes, Yulian Hadzhiyski alias Yuli, le guitariste puis Zahari Tsonev, le batteur de créer un groupe pour participer au concours Your Nokia Stage. Ensemble, ils remportent le premier prix. La chance leur sourit. Des labels s’intéressent au phénomène Trish mais, finalement, le groupe préfère rester indépendant pour continuer à composer la musique qu’ils aiment. De cette collaboration ponctuelle, le groupe Trish est né. Avec Viara Popova au chant, Yuli, à la guitare et Zahari, à la batterie, le groupe se lance dans une musique expérimentale où les sons se confondent, s’entrechoquent et s’harmonisent. Le groupe trouve son inspiration dans des groupes comme Tricky, Portishead, Bjork, Depeche Mode, Future Sound of London… Aujourd'hui, le groupe a trouvé son propre style musical.

A leur début, le trio se livre à une expérimentation des sons depuis le sous-sol de Yuli à la recherche des bruits les plus étranges avant de composer de véritables morceaux. Remixés, ces sons s’associent à la voix de Viara pour produire quelques petits bijoux comme OOO, Beat it, Eh ou encore You Wish d’inspiration plus rock. Viara et Yuli y ajoutent des paroles énigmatiques presque magnétiques et la magie opère. Trish nous transporte dans leur univers.

Quant on parle d’avenir, Trish esquisse la question. Leur seul souhait est de pouvoir continuer à jouer, d’être à la recherche de nouveaux sons, de nouveaux concepts. Mais, au détour d’une phrase, comme un aveu, Trish rêve de pouvoir un jour s’associer à des professionnels pour exporter sa musique. L’appel est lancé !


"trish - one different band"

trish is a project, where various people have participated throughout the years and in live performances.

The band is influenced by grunge, alternative, trip-hop, synth-pop.It is in a reformation period right now and working over new projects.

The band trish - trip-hop, experimental, is Viara Popova, Yulian Hadzhiyski, Zahari Tsonev. Their love for alternative nbands form the 80's and 90's is what gathers them and in the fall of 2003 they begin recirding with cassette recorder in the basement of an old house.
that is when they make "Found" (one of my favorite songs of theirs, quite not typical for their style) which wins the prize of the audience in Your Nokia Stage competition. More songs and some contract proposals from major music labels follow.
As the band members trie to adapt one to another, in 2004 they start to explore music programming and experiment with their ideas. In 2005 they win the Debut prize of the National Bulgarian radio's Spring 2005 contest. The bulgarian music television MM, in the face of Kamen Vodenicharov likes the band very much and promise to produce a video for them. In 2006 they perform "Crab Salad" at the 8th Annual MM music awards. In 2007 the song Insight/Gubbing/ is nominated in the National Bulgarian Radio contest already named Golden Spring.During the period 2006-2008 the band pauses activity and in just about 2008 renews rehearsals. 2009 marks the beginnig of their performances at clubs in Sofia. Simeon Chakarov joins for live performaces with his guitar. The band is included in the alternative Credit to the Nation music compilation of the Stroeja club with the song Gubbing.

"Wish for trip-hop with alternative winds and eletronic ornaments or background with dotty harmonies and structure and dotty-sad vocals". I would say quite good and accurate description of their experiment. Their new projects would lay down more different sensations, more possitive with less darkness.

For those willing to delight themselves with an extraordinary and interesting band, I suggest you visit their profile at Myspace

written by Mariola Tiutiundzhieva
photos by Diana Popova Snider
Hi Club magazine

Viara Popova (vocals, author, born in 1984)sings actively since her 12th year; listens to north artists - Depeche Mode,Bjork, Portishead, Massive Attack, Moloko. She has recorded for Rushi Vidinliev (Go Ahead), "Lady in green" with Spens, "Ivisible for you" with Grafa, for Ostava she sings in "Sex in the morning", etc.
At the 8th Annual MM music awards, Viara goes on stage after the beginning of the song. This is her own way to protest against the unprofessionaland quite active practice to lip-sync.

Yulian Hadzhiyski (bass guitar, author, born in 1978) since 2001 is involved in music; listens to trip-hop, pop, funk, synthpop, post-punk; he's graduating studiosound technologies and production in the Technical University.

Zahari Tsonev (drums,born in 1978) plays since 1996;listens to Seattle bands, plays in an Alice in Chains tribute band.
- Hi Club


trish/3shhh:demo album online /no official releases/
"Found","Crab Salad","Gubbing","Bear it","Live Hard", "Paranoia Overcome", "Take my last goodbye", "You wish" and some of their versions were played on the National Bulgarian radio, Zrock and a few more stations.



Viara is a singer/composer born in Bulgaria who lived in different parts of the world in different periods of her life. She sings and composes her own songs. She is the founder of the band trish and composed there since 2003 ( The band took a huge part of her life,leaving 12 songs,lots of listeners in the web and many proposals for contracts.
Viara started creating simple home demos (2010) to stack up the ideas and she's still looking for her partner in music process for these songs. She is an instant music lover and jumps into improvising whenever it unlocks her voice-after this comes magic.

Prizes with trish:
"Your Nokia stage" contest - audience prize with "Found".
- "Golden Spring" contest of the Bulgarian National Radio 2005 - the "Debut" prize
- 2007 "Golden Spring" - nominated for "Insight" ("Gubbing")