Sofia, Sofia-Capital, BGR

the magic of instant music and experiments


Viara is a singer/composer born in Bulgaria who lived in different parts of the world in different periods of her life. She sings and composes her own songs. She is the founder of the band trish and composed there since 2003 ( The band took a huge part of her life,leaving 12 songs,lots of listeners in the web and many proposals for contracts.
Viara started creating simple home demos (2010) to stack up the ideas and she's still looking for her partner in music process for these songs. She is an instant music lover and jumps into improvising whenever it unlocks her voice-after this comes magic.

Prizes with trish:
"Your Nokia stage" contest - audience prize with "Found".
- "Golden Spring" contest of the Bulgarian National Radio 2005 - the "Debut" prize
- 2007 "Golden Spring" - nominated for "Insight" ("Gubbing")


trish/3shhh:demo album online /no official releases/
"Found","Crab Salad","Gubbing","Bear it","Live Hard", "Paranoia Overcome", "Take my last goodbye", "You wish" and some of their versions were played on the National Bulgarian radio, Zrock and a few more stations.