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""Outstanding..." 4 out of 5 stars"

“Where The Killers Run fulfils the promise… these songs tap into American outlaw traditions of death and sorrow. A country-wired Echo & The Bunnymen."

“Outstanding… sounds like The Birthday Party doing Johnny Cash." - UNCUT Magazine

"4 out of 5 again"

“A swooning blend of violins, mandolins, country death songs and Nick Cave vocals… This is the sound of revenge. Served icy cold.” - The Independent (UK)

""It is not just a diamond in the rough, it’s a fucking diamond mine.""

“This music is haunting; every note almost drips with the thoughts of a dying man tied to music. A man musing over all the sadness and beauty he ever encountered in his life from beginning to end is reflected in its hesitant initial notes until its quiet fade out, from birth to death. It is simply stunning. Where the Killers Run creeps up on you like a skulking ghoul in the night, and then grips hard and will not let go… for fans of any honest, real music from American Music Club to Neil Young. It is not just a diamond in the rough, it’s a fucking diamond mine.” - Alternative Nation

""Dark and wonderful... Viarosa really are doing something quite special.”"

“Dark and wonderful, Viarosa fuse Nick Cave-esque vocals, haunting violins and that special brand of lyricism that grabs you by the hairs on the back of your neck… this is a fabulous album and Viarosa really are doing something quite special.” - Irish World

""Mightily impressive...""

“Mightily impressive Country Noir… an ability to add class touches and deft strokes to bring their material above the benchmark of the rest of the genre." - Americana UK

""... an astounding and moving album. My album of the year...""

Each play sends me into a mute, unsettling ecstasy and my insides surge with the need to hear this astounding and moving album as often as I can… Rich and inspiring songs, inventively and satisfyingly arranged. My album of the year? Very likely. Where The Killers Run has coiled itself into my bloodstream, my via rosa, as nothing has for a while. - Comes With A Smile

""... a remarkably lush and gripping listen from start to finish.""

Usually we'll give any band that can properly employ a banjo the benefit of the doubt here at Decoy, but Viarosa does so much more in crafting their haunting brand of noir country than just toss a banjo into their indie rock mix. The melodic arrangements of strings and percussion along with the arresting vocals takes listeners on short (but ambitious) journeys, a la Nick Cave or Johnny Cash, across the landscapes of long ago.

In a similar fashion to the defunct Clann Zu and the aforementioned Nick Cave, Viarosa take an earthly, organic sound and make it heavenly. Hopefully we have only seen the tip the iceberg in relation to what this band can surface up from their melodic depths. This debut is a remarkably lush and gripping listen from start to finish.
- Decoy Music (US)

""... a darker, mellower Arcade Fire... the songs cut so deep, you can almost feel yourself bleeding.""

Viarosa captures a profound sense of melancholy with its debut album. I hear an even darker, mellower Arcade Fire, not only with their instrumentation and lyrical intrigue, but also with Richard Neuberg’s rich, heavy yet buoyant tone and the female harmony gently resting above. This selfless band of musicians offers untold histories of sailors and the impoverished, drenching these forgotten souls in layers of wailing strings: acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and violins/violas. The title of the album and cover art (faded black and white photos) hint of such somber reverie, but it’s the songs inside—or, rather, eulogies—which cut so deep, you can almost feel yourself bleeding. - PLAYBACK MAGAZINE (US)

""Compelling art... Cormac McCarthy would be proud.""

Viarosa dwells somewhere out on the desolate plains of an unspecific age, halfway between the remote outposts of Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. It's unlikely to divulge the precise location: after all, this is territory populated by murderers and ne'er-do-wells, a land where redemption comes with a heavy price and original sin is less a concept than a roadmap. As it turns out, there's beauty in terror, and on 'Where The Killers Run', Viarosa turns creeping dread into compelling art.
Augmented by creaking violin, otherworldly mandolin and banjo plus Emma Seal's ghostly backing vocals, Richard Neuberg and company (a cast that includes the Willard Grant Conspiracy's Josh Hillman and Cornershop drummer Nick Simms) find that redemption in the midst of a sparse, scorched landscape. Cormac McCarthy would be proud.

- HARP Magazine (US)

""A great album from a distinctive and very talented group." 4 out of 5 stars"

" album of high quality music... Richard Neuberg has a quite unique and at times unusual voice, and his songwriting skills are also unique as well as being exceptional, with both voice and song accentuating each other..."

"A great album from a distinctive and very talented group." - Maverick Magazine


EP - 'Porous'
- released in the UK May '05 by Pronoia Records

LP - 'Where The Killers Run'
- released in the UK Nov '06 by Pronoia Records
- released in the US May '07 by Tarnished Records

LP - 'Send For The Sea'
- released in the UK Sept '08 by Pronoia Records
- released in the US Sept '08 by Tarnished Records
- to be released in Germany in spring '09 by Dandyland Records

Radio airplay: in the UK, US & in Europe.



Following the success and critical acclaim of their debut album, ‘Where The Killers Run’, VIAROSA’s follow-up LP ‘Send For The Sea’ is released by Pronoia Records (UK) and by Tarnished Records (US) in September 2008 and will be released in Germany in spring '09 by Dandyland Records.

Led by singer-songwriter Richard Neuberg, VIAROSA have grown into a formidable act since their inception six years ago. Last year alone they shared tours and shows in the UK and in Europe with the likes of Midlake, Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, Joan As Police Woman, Alejandro Escovedo and Josh T. Pearson. The highlight of 2007 came when, having watched them play, REM invited VIAROSA to open for them at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin – REM’s first live outing in two years. As expected, this unique London band went down a storm.

Reviews of VIAROSA’s first releases brought comparisons to many of the greats. Their EP Porous inspired Uncut Magazine to describe the band as: “Outstanding… like The Birthday Party doing Johnny Cash.” And when the LP came, Uncut continued in its four star praise: “’Where The Killers Run’ fulfils the promise... a country-wired Echo and The Bunnymen.”

Building on their distinctive sound, the second album ‘Send For The Sea’ takes the band to greater heights, the new songs reaching out with increased passion and urgency. ‘Send For The Sea’ has so many standout tracks, it’s hard to single them out. Tourniquet’s rolling guitars, bittersweet viola and screaming lap steel carry you across the plains, while The Last Resolve drags you up to the hilltops and howls up at the stars. With the band at full, ragged tilt – a drunken bar-room piano, a gypsy fiddle, a wild west baritone guitar – The Last Resolve sounds like a noir opera penned by David Lynch. The album’s other epic tracks include the impassioned, anti-war The Old Walls, the raging Beggars and Thieves, and the second track, Righteous Path, creeps up until you are hurled into its thunderous conclusion. With its lush layers of strings and voices, Righteous Path sounds like VIAROSA’s mission statement, calling out for redemption by way of the artist’s path.
But ‘Send For The Sea’ has plenty of tender moments too. The haunting Cruel Pull Of The Stars makes you think of The Bad Seeds at their most restrained; the delicate Ode To Sunlight glitters with sweet shades of early John Martyn; and the The Sea sounds like a Jeff Buckley ballad on a morphine drip. As the sound of psychedelic seagulls moan overhead, The Sea is the perfect closing track to the intensity that has gone before.

All together, the new material creates an original and special album, a raw heart collection of great songs that are sure to bring VIAROSA the acclaim and attention they deserve.