Via Violenta

Via Violenta


Neil Young vs. Blonde Redhead, Tom Waits vs. Sly Stone, Nina Simone vs. Pavement, Charles Mingus vs. The Zombies, Broken Social Scene vs. Roy Orbison, New Order vs. Carl Perkins, Fleetwood Mac vs. The Ramones, Scott Walker vs. Lee Perry, Van Morrison vs. Elliot Smith, Gram Parsons vs. Fela Kuti


"Does anybody remember laughter?" a young Robert Plant asked the crowd while his band Led Zeppelin played through one of their lesser known songs "Stairway to Heaven". The crowd responded kindly, hands were raised in unison, a new generation was born.

Luckily, Via Violenta is nowhere near as annoying. The questions they ask their audience are more utilitarian, i.e. "Does someone have a mop?" or "does anyone have material to make a tourniquet?" and of course, "does anyone know how to make a tourniquet?"

Their live shows force you to confront yourself with the important questions: Do I need to do laundry? Is Daylight Savings Time coming up soon? Whats the quickest way to skin a cat? Didn't these guys already play this song?

Via Violenta takes the word 'distraction' to new levels. Sure you might forget about their show the next morning, but the club entrance-stamp on your hand will last at least two days. Three if you don't wash.


EP (2005), EP3 (2006)

Set List

Average set time 40 min.