stoner-pop, music that is raw but sticks in your mind at the same time


Viberider, the succes-formula, with (ex-) members of bands such as Dreadlock Pussy and Face Tomorrow appear with their catchy stoner-pop at the 2007 Pinkpop festival In The Netherlands.

In their short existance, these experienced musicians obtained a stunning live-reputation, which they live up to or improve with each of their live-preformances.

Besides their energetic shows, they released their debut-album "Evolve the long lead" which was proclaimed best Limburg album of 2006 (3voor12Limburg) and of which some of the songs have airplay om national radio.

Viberider is not a band that rests at this point. They are busy recording their demo EP "Split for Michican" and their second alum is due end of 2007.

Pinkpop 2007 is only the beginning. Viberider is ready and willing to amaze everybody with their unique sound and dazzling preformance..

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Bookings :
Tel : +31-(0)628447553


2006 "Evolve the long lead" Airplay on national radio: On and On, The Device

Set List

A typical set list would be:

On and On
Evolve the long Lead
All that shine
Take another way
Money for nothing (dire straits with stoner-sauce)
The Device

Usual sets vary from 30-45 minutes, but possibilities to play up to an hour of the catchiest stoner rifs with vocal lines the king of pop himself would wich he had written..