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"Vintage Vibes"

If you like artists that put forth passion in their music and the culture that they are presenting to their fans than you'll love Vibes. Vintage Vibes stresses a minimalistic atmosphere, old school style & raw rhymes more than it relies on an overall image or mass appeal. If any of that sounds at all as dope as it does to me than you should take a listen. This album is crisp from front to back! -

"Vibes: The Old-School Is Back!"

Remember when hip-hop was fun? Remember the time before you had to have "diamonds on my damn chain"? Remember the time before anyone thought it was cool to "Superman that ho"? Vibes does.
Too many rappers in the business today have become mere carbon copies of each other. It has robbed originality and feeling from the game, creating a system where each new act is worse than the one that preceded it. Time and time again a new emcee arises that does nothing more than cash in on the current trends, which frankly, gets old quick. Luckily for those that want to hear real hip-hop, Vibes steps up into this bottomless void and flawlessly delivers his message.
Vibes is pure, classic, take-it-back-to-the-old-school hip-hop. With his latest release, Vibes brings hip-hop back to a state that has not been felt in what seems like forever. This album transports the listener back to the early days of hip-hop, when it was uncorrupted and about the message and stories. Anyone nostalgic for the old days will not be disappointed. Vibes crossbreeds a fresh new outlook and a vintage sound to create a strain of music that takes on its own personality.
Completely written, produced, and put together by Vibes himself, this is an honest and original record. The lyrics are focused and precise, the rhymes are tight, and the flow is unstoppable. The songs cover a lot of territory and many different themes, and most importantly, they speak for themselves. You won’t hear about money, hos or bling, so if that is what you want, this record is not for you. If instead you are looking for a record about good times and bad times with some blunts rolled in, then throw on this album. Vibes is the storyteller, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Vibes.

Ed Huhn
DJ, 90.3 The Core
- The Core

"Vibes - "Fly""

Newcomer Vibes may have some top talent on the mic (Tanya Morgan, Royce Da 5'9") to draw listeners into his mixtape, "The New Generation", but it's his solo tracks and stellar production from Trackfiends and 6th Sense that make this a standout project. - TimeOut New York


Vintage Vibes (2009)



Born and raised in New Jersey, Vibes began his journey through music at the age of 12 writing poetry. Within the next two years his poetry had taken on the form of written raps that expressed the repressed feelings of anger, isolation and curiosity he felt throughout his adolescence. Growing up in the 90's, Vibes was heavily-influenced by the thriving hip-hop scene, especially artists such as: Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Das EFX, Redman, Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z. These artists would help shape Vibes into the MC that he would become in the years to follow.
In 2004, Vibes began independently releasing mixtapes and EP's in his high school and neighborhood, recorded himself in a makeshift, home studio. Though his early work was unpolished it provided him the experience of learning to operate recording equipment and compose his own beats. Combined with a strong interest in Rock 'n' Roll; specifically 1960's and '70's acts such as: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd, Vibes began to experiment with various forms of music including Jazz and Soul and became increasingly political and personal in his songwriting.
Although he is young, Vibes maintains the ideals of the 1960's hippie movement in his persona and in his music, spreading messages of peace, love and higher consiousness. Never forgetting his roots and those of hip-hop culture, Vibes' uplifting poetry and unapologetic honesty are qualities that few artists in today's hip-hop landscape possess. Vibes is the culmination of music's power to reinvent, empower and inspire!

"Feel the Vibes"

Press includes:

Featured artist on popular blog site,

Featured review from 90.3 The Core DJ, Ed Huhn

Featured artist on popular German blog site, (

Radio play includes:

6 weeks as a "Featured Artist" on 90.3 The Core Rutgers Radio in New Jersey.

Interviewed and featured on 97.5 My Elite Radio show "The Lyrical Den"

Live Performances include:

Over 10 weeks at Cafe Arabica Lounge in Morristown, NJ

End of the Weak at The Pyramid, NYC

General Information:

"Vintage Vibes" album did 600 copies in its first week with no major record label backing or promotion