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VibeWise is hands down the most original, energetic, bad ass reggae band on the scene! VibeWise's live show always brings the house down, from festivals/colleges, to supporting major artists including Damien Marley, The Roots, etc.


VibeWise is unlike any other reggae band. When it comes to originality, performance, stage presence, songwriting, and arranging VibeWise takes reggae to new heights which captivates not only reggae fans but all lovers of music from hip hop to hard core! When VibeWise takes the stage it's not another laid back reggae show; they bring the house down with their original reggae sound like the best in big name entertainment! VibeWise has played at all of the top Nightclubs in the Northeast including, the House Of Blues, Avalon Ballroom, The Paradise Rock Club, The Hampton Beach Casion Ballroom, etc...has shared the stage with countless artists including, Damien Marley, The Roots, Buju Banton, Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers etc...has played dozens of colleges including Skidmore, UMass Amherst, Trinity, Unity, Wesleyann, Brandeis well as festivals like the New England Reggae Fest, The Sugarloaf Reggae Fest, The Aids Walk Boston, The Festival For Immigrants Rights in Boston, The Cambridge World Fair and Carnival etc...VibeWise track "Ganjaman" was #1 on for over 10 weeks and along with track "Your Tongue Is A Weapon" was downloaded over 100,000 times! Track "Let It Burn" remains in regular rotation on the USA's number #1 college radio station 88.9FM WERS Boston!



Written By: Ajahni

Natty, Natty, Natty, Natty Soldier, in America - Natty, Natty, Natty, Natty Soldier coming from Ethiopia. War going on, in Massachusetts, in Massachusetts, Lord. Robot in the street, ale mande Antoinette, sa se porole prophet, sa se porole prophet. Ahaitian them a flee, them a flee, to Boston city, Boston city, Boston city – TV pay for more, ghetto youth are fighting a war, TV pay for more, Rasta man can’t take it no more. Traveling, traveling to Pennsylvania, traveling traveling to Canada…traveling, traveling to Mississippi, traveling, traveling to Germany. Selessie give, the wicked man divide, it’s man’s greed who cause another man to die. They make it so hard for I and I to survive, everywhere I go, it’s strive, strive, strive. Emanuel I, when will righteousness come? Marcus Garvey when will justice be done? Vanity is what them paying for, pretending to end the war. Traveling...war going on...


Written By: Ajahni

You never know, you never know. You never know before you know, Lord. You never know what life has in store for you. You could be homeless or cruising inna Benz. Taking the bus, chilling with your sistren. Working real hard trying to make ends. You never know what life has in store for you. Opportunity always think is at your door. You can be wrong so listen to this one. Positive thinking is surely number one. You never know if your dream can come true. The only way to know is to believe in you. Your wish is your command so follow your dream. I and I tell the story, so listen to what me sing. Believe in yourself you’re the one with the power. Power. Coming straight from the almighty Jah, Jah. Life can be hard there’s no need to be stressed. Close your eyes, relax, lay back and just rest. If it’s Sensi that you want, I will run and get it...


Written By: Ajahni

An mwe, ya, ya, ya, ya, yeah, ya, you got to keep my sensimila burn, burn, burn, burn, An mwe, ya, ya, ya, ya, yeah, ya, from East to West, yes watch it burn. Politician, political matter, Selassie I say it spiritual matter. The mystic indica coming from Ethiopia, smoke it in a Ghana, smoke it in a America. Smoke it in a DC, smoke it in a Kentucky, smoke it in a Trini, smoke it in a Roxbury, smoke it in a Dorchester, smoke it in a Rochester, smoke it in a Mattapan, smoke it in a pan, pan, pan. Keep the ganja lit, keep it lit, keep it lit, yah. Know one day my sensi must be free. As long as I got my herb I’m gonna burn it you see. As long as I got my herb I can see Selassie. You can’t kill my black herb, no, no, no. You must let it grow, grow, grow, grow, grow. Cote boz la foundations of creations, cote boz la foundations of Mount Zion. Now I’m feeling nice, Jah give light to my eyes. You can’t come criticize, You can’t come criticize, na, na, na, no. Smoke me herb on a Monday, smoke me herb on a Tuesday, smoke me herb on a Wednesday, smoke me herb on a Thursday, Smoke me herb on a Monday, smoke me herb on a Tuesday, smoke me herb on a Wednesday, smoke me herb on a Thursday. The black herb, foundations of Creation, the black herb, Mount Zion. The black herb, foundations of Creation, the black herb, man Zion. Take me high, over the rainbow, Lift me high, voyem piro, voyem piro. Take me high, over the rainbow, Lift me high, voyem piro, voyem piro.


Full length CD "Natty Soldier" (released January 2005)
Includes track "Let It Burn" which remains in regular rotation on 88.9FM WERS Boston-USA's #1 College Radio Station.
Self Titled Demo "VibeWise" (released March 2000) It rapidly rose to the top of reggae chart (track "Ganjaman" #1 for 10 weeks) and was downloaded over 100,000 times gaining the band fanmail from reggae fans all over the globe.

Set List

VibeWise typically plays one 60 to 90 minute set but has enough original material to play over 2 hours.

Sample Set List:

Let The Freedom Ring
Sweet Africa
Big Fat Dream
You Never Know
I'm Not Sorry
Police State
Know Yourself
Ganja Man
Creole Woman
Back To The Ghetto
Let It Burn