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Citysearch Editorial Review
By Christopher Muther
Groovin', God-lovin', authentic reggae with a modern twist for the masses.

Historically Speaking
The band formed in 1998 with a mix of Caribbean and U.S. musicians. Lead vocal responsibilities are split between Ajiny, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and King I from Trinidad.

The Sound
A careful balancing of melodic anthems and dance hall rap. Songs with Ajiny at the helm are a blend English and Haitian Creole rasta-style reggae. King I raps and toasts with the best of them, at times recalling the hard-edge catchiness of Snow's 1993 hit "Informer."

The Skinny
The seven-piece VibeWise is still a bit young to have developed the kind of rabid following that clings to other Boston reggae acts (some of which have been around for close to 20 years), but the band is worth hearing for its innovative sounds. At times, the heavy emphasis on all-things Jah gets a bit tiring, but the music is just as strong as the message.

Insider Tips

One of Boston's Best
Nominated for Best Reggae for its blend of authentic songs and modern, hard-hitting dance hall raps.
Hit That Perfect Beat
Drummer Rango Smith hails from Kingston, Jamaica, played in the studio and toured with Black Uhuru and Sugar Minott.

Something Borrowed
While their music is authentic, VibeWise borrows elements American R&B and hip-hop to keep their grooves fresh. - Citysearch Boston Editorial Review

"Let It Burn: VibeWise Releases Their Debut Album"

By Paul J. Davenport 2/10/05

From the pyramids to the projects, there' s a fresh new reggae band whose sweet sound echoes thunderously, traveling and storming through the airwaves, pumping out a hardcore reggae vibe through your speakers, spreading the word of Jah, reaching out all over the world! A hot young band with raw talents comparable to that of seasoned veterans comes forward with a unique blend or original hardcore roots, rock, reggae and soul, taking the East coast by storm - soon all around the world! They are called VibeWise and are coming to a town near you! If you love reggae they are a must see!
To all reggae music fans, VibeWise is slamming! It's been a long time coming for a band of this great caliber to come onto the scene and stake its own claim in music history. Reggae fans can finally say they've found a great reggae band that are influenced by all the best reggae music has to offer and incorporates styles and pieces of long-time reggae greats who have influenced them in a positive spiritual manner, creating the VibeWise sound. But they also maintain their own creative, unique, original sound, which is nothing more than total crucial reggae.
VibeWise members are: Ajahni, the lead singer and songwriter with a magical voice, whether soft or hardcore, he means serious business and is a lyrical force to be reckoned with; Zach Monroe, lead rhythm guitar and songwriter who rocks like to no Yardie you've seen before! His six-string guitar, his friend to the end, carries the sweet rhythm like he was Cat Moore of Third World's protégé or the next Earl “China” Smith, Zach also is a dedicated UMass Boston student and student should check out their fellow classmate's band; Donny “DJ” Jones, keyboard player and songwriter who subtly hypnotizes you with the sweet ebony ivory keys that he plays effortless to perfection like a young Mike “Ubo” Cooper; Zach “Domus” Youngberg, bassist songwriter who delivers hard-core, thumping bass lines that force you to dance, whether you're in the mood to dance or not. Finally, the band jams together and like pieces of a puzzle, they all fit. The prizes you win at the end are the unforgettable sounds of peace, love, and happiness.
If you like the music of Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Third World, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Eek-A-Mouse, Alpha Blondy, Bunny Wailer, or Black Uhuru, you will love VibeWise. They are just beginning their journey and are definitely going placed with their golden sound fusion.
From the time you put their debut CD, Natty Soldier in your machine and press play, you are instantly hit with a thunderous nyabingi and militant drum set, booming bass line, rock steady guitar, hypnotizing keyboards, and a hard-core lyrical sermon, which draws you in a transports you on an unforgettable musical journey that fuels the mind, body, and spirit. The CD is filled with 11 original tracks and over 40 minutes of massive music. Some of the tracks include “Let It Burn,” “Creole Woman,” “Kaya,” “Ganja Man” and “You Never Know,” plus much more. Take a listen and don't fight the feeling, it rocks, it grooves, and makes you move! Share it with your friends, buy a copy and show other reggae fans what they have been missing for a long, long time! Currently you can buy the CD from the web site, Skippy White's in Jamaica Plain, Cambridge, and soon to be in Newbury Comics. Big Up to VibeWise! They are bound fro stardom! For more information on VibeWise and to join their mailing list for upcoming events, check their website at
- The Mass Media, UMass Student Newspaper

"Boston Uncovered"

Afterwards VIBEWISE and their mesmerizing reggae went on: the band’s technical skill and “feel” in this case was mixing with the ability from the band’s frontman to keep the audience in the “palm of his hand” and the sheer stage presence was guaranteeing a good show for those sweaty (and very pleased I must add) bodies. - Emergenza Festival Websiste


Full length CD "Natty Soldier" (released January 2005)
Includes track "Let It Burn" which remains in regular rotation on 88.9FM WERS Boston-USA's #1 College Radio Station.
Self Titled Demo "VibeWise" (released March 2000) It rapidly rose to the top of reggae chart (track "Ganjaman" #1 for 10 weeks) and was downloaded over 100,000 times gaining the band fanmail from reggae fans all over the globe.



VibeWise is unlike any other reggae band. When it comes to originality, performance, stage presence, songwriting, and arranging VibeWise takes reggae to new heights which captivates not only reggae fans but all lovers of music from hip hop to hard core! When VibeWise takes the stage it's not another laid back reggae show; they bring the house down with their original reggae sound like the best in big name entertainment! VibeWise has played at all of the top Nightclubs in the Northeast including, the House Of Blues, Avalon Ballroom, The Paradise Rock Club, The Hampton Beach Casion Ballroom, etc...has shared the stage with countless artists including, Damien Marley, The Roots, Buju Banton, Jimmy Cliff, The Wailers etc...has played dozens of colleges including Skidmore, UMass Amherst, Trinity, Unity, Wesleyann, Brandeis well as festivals like the New England Reggae Fest, The Sugarloaf Reggae Fest, The Aids Walk Boston, The Festival For Immigrants Rights in Boston, The Cambridge World Fair and Carnival etc...VibeWise track "Ganjaman" was #1 on for over 10 weeks and along with track "Your Tongue Is A Weapon" was downloaded over 100,000 times! Track "Let It Burn" remains in regular rotation on the USA's number #1 college radio station 88.9FM WERS Boston!