The product our influences are bringing together is something special. A break from the norm when it comes to the new fad genres whom are flooding the stages and myspace pages. We are not here to be rockstars, but to release the feelings inside that are craving to leak out of our skin. We hope to move you as these feelings are perspired.


Let the Gates Fall

Written By: Vibrant

burn the kronicals, wash out the deckhands
murdered the maurader, hidden by the ancients
your forcing us to use void hand

broken content taking you down with it
fall through in the waking, leaving us paralized
Can’t move Can’t walk finding us so Weightless and Scattered

when you look down casting the shadows
claiming you’ll fall never, while dropping from high

breath of renewal, breath while you save us
fold down the gate in light that we make it
your forcing us to take from them, so weightless and scattered

broken content taking you down with it
fall through in the waking leaving us paralized, weightless, and scattered

The Battle

Written By: Vibrant

You want what you can’t have, my joy and pride
take all that you can grab, with arms of mine
live with what you got, despair your suffering
don’t try and beat me
You don’t know beyond the box, or whats inside
I’ll turn while you stab, that will be just fine
Whatever makes you feel, so unforgiving
feelings for anything, entwined in your dreams
dont try and beat me
I’m not all that you would want, but I’m everything you need

Set List

The March
Let the Gates Fall
The Overview
The Battle

Hurt (NIN)
Digital Bath (Deftones)
Ape Dos Mil (Glassjaw)
Aenima (TOOL)