vibrotica is modern rock, with a focus on cerebral and melodic music.


Drawing from the aggressive power pop of the Foo Fighters and the moody atmospheric rock of Radiohead, Vibrotica has been compared to the Beatles and David Bowie for their melodic strength and sonic experimentation.

The Boston based quartet¬ócomposed of Craig Rawding (vocals/guitar), Joe Wilson (bass), Ivo Matos (guitar/keyboard), and John Perkins (drums). Formed in January 2000, Vibrotica released the "Neverbend" EP that year, followed by the "Counting Spies" LP in 2002.
Both CD's garnered praise in the Boston press (Northeast Performer, Soundcheck Magazine, The Noise, The Phoenix) and received local airplay on modern rock stations, including WBCN and WAAF. Vibrotica's live shows have earned them accolades with audiences in the northeast region.

Most recently, Vibrotica entered the studio with producer Jim Sampas, (Ben Harper, Aimee Mann, Los Lobos, Morphine, Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder, Kate Pierson). The collaboration found the foursome exploring more melodic freeways of harmony and texture without compromising their ability to be both atmospheric and edgy.


Dangerous Ocean

Written By: Vibrotica (Lyrics by Craig Rawding)

when you kissed me to life,
the past willingly died,
under ocean's moonlight,
and when our time was young,
the hours never hung,
on sad tomorrow's waiting.

there's somewhere in you,
a dangerous ocean,
a girl who waits below,
i'll never know,
and there's somewhere in you,
words that would betray,
depths you never say.

when did you lose your sight,
you don't see me tonight,
would i be surprised to know,
what you're thinking,
you're so still in my arms,
you crush me in the calm,
you never used to be so quiet.


if only i could hold this breath forever.


a dangerous ocean,
a dangerous ocean

Her Wish Is My Command

Written By: Vibrotica (Lyrics by Craig Rawding)

if i could just erase,
her eyes from her face,
she wouldn't see through walls,
to where I'm hiding.

i am her man,
she is the hand,
that holds my plan,
her wish is my command.

she sees me when my eyes are closed,
hears me when my voice is choked,
knows the moment when,
i'll hit the wall.


keeps me where she knows,
nothing left to show,
nothing left to fear.



Neverbend EP - 2000
Counting Spies LP - 2002

Set List

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Her Wish Is My Command
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