Vic Anderson

Vic Anderson


Vic is a singer/songwriter, a Champion Yodeler, and a World Class Whistler, who sings Western music like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry did, AND does rope tricks and teaches you and your guests how.


Vic sings the songs of the west, where the good guys still wear the white hats. His yodeling is second to none, and his whistling is out of this world beautiful. Vic was a working cowboy as well as a rodeo cowboy, so he really knows what he's singing and talking about in his songs and poems


Vic has one cd out, entitled "VIC ANDERSON, PLAIN AND UNVARNISHED." It is just like you'd hear around a campfire, just Vic and his Guitar, singing songs that'll make you laugh or cry, sometimes in the same song. He is just starting on his 2nd CD, which is tentatively titled VIC ANDERSON, WHITEWASHED, as he will add only the most basic instrumentation to his guitar, with a bare minimum of vocal arrangements

Set List

I typically start with an up tempo song with a yodel, then a slower song with a whistle, a third song will frequently be a humerous song, followed by another uptempo, probably my own. I cover songs by Roy Rogers, The Sons of The Pioneers, Gene Autry and Rex Allen, along with some contemporary western song writers such as Ken Overcast, the Sons of The San Joaquin or others. Some of the songs I do are: Back in the Saddle again, (Gene Autry) Tumbling Tumbleweeds,(Sons of The Pioneers), Arizona Waltz,(Rex Allen) Yesterdays Waltz(Vic Anderson) Evening By The Spring (Vic Anderson) Red Roses, Red Eyes and Red Wine. (Vic Anderson), Smile Are Made Out of The Sunshine,(Roy Rogers), Ghost Riders In The Sky,(Stan Jones), When Did You Leave Heaven (Jim Reeves), Fair Haired Sam,(Vic Anderson), Days End, (Vic Anderson) and others. My show is typically an hour to and hour and a half. It usually includes humor, yodeling, whistling, sing along and twirling a rope and teaching the audience how to t