vicelounge [tai allen + jonn nubian]

vicelounge [tai allen + jonn nubian]

 New York City, New York, USA
BandSpoken WordSoul

Vicelounge refuses the boundaries and constrictions of genres. We make music that befits our moods and feelings. Crafting songs to turn a thought into conversation or welcome a love into new universe. This is why we play and sample and write and think art. and this is what we create... art.

Music is a cultural exchange between maker and listener; a presentation of thoughts and philosophies with a person or group? We offer ourselves in song. You offer yourselves as listeners and friends. Even


Vicelounge is an interactive/music production partnership of Tai Allen & Jonn Nubian.

The group has crafted singing & poetry into a signature approach reminiscent of Gil-Scot Heron & Oscar Brown -- yet uniquely their own. In 2010, Allen’s album “Easy Readin’” was awarded Album of The Year by the National Poetry Awards. In the Spring of 2011 they were invited to curate and headline the new Apollo Theater Series - Music Cafe. All three shows were sell-outs.

This past year Vicelounge has rocked from L.A. to Boston to Durham; while curating amazing events in NY. One notable event was The Restoration Rocks Music Festival in Brooklyn, NY. This year's featured MC Lyte, Brand Nubian, Martin Luther & Maimnou Yusef and Jessica Care Moore. Vicelounge's Tai Allen serves as host and co-curator.

Creative is the best adjective/noun to define the group. Utilizing different creative mediums is considered a pathway to a tone to the ViceLounge production team. Writing has always been the cornerstone of their creativity.

Projects include work with Grammy Nominated artist, Maiysha; Nigerian soul star, Keziah Jones; Reebok; Eargasms Compilation; Melissa Young; and, underground star, Tuan X.

We produce music that befits our lifestyle rather than a style: we are educated brothers from the hood; who love soul music; rock guitars; banging drums; sweet melodies; fine clothes (Will Smith converses, Armani, Sean John purple label; italian ties; camo pants; t-shirts; tailored suits; dark Levis and new adidas or Jordan I; timbs; house joints at 3am with a Chimay or vodka in hand; cubans while King Tubby vibing.

We love music!

Good music that come from a more electrified and hybrid core. We hope still funky and soulful, but still a little harder in some cases.



That Fall (The Versions) EP - OUT NOW
LOVE MUSIC LP - Winter '13
Canned Goods (Maxi-Single) - Winter '11
The Summer Preview - Summer '11
For Easy Readin' - Spring 2008
The Beautiful Daye - '02

Majesticons - Beauty Party '01
Reebok & Jay Scarlett - Future Classics '10
Mike Ladd - Easy Listening For Armaggedon 1997
Eagasms - Ozone 1998
Jazz Poets Society - 1997

Maiysha - Orbit - Vicelounge Remix
Maiysha - Wanna Be (Vicelounge Mash)
Tuan X - Addiction
Melissa Young - I'm Just A Girl (VL Mash)

Set List


want (lessons in love)
oooh baby kills
st james infirmary
home is where the hatred is
deep inside