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"Vicente Gayo! Spin Earth Latinoamerica"

Vicente Gayo is an independent Mexican band from Satelite City, a small city that grew out of México City. This band is comprised of Javier on guitars and keyboards, Josue guitars, Armando in drums and percussion and Alan on the bass and vocals.

Vicente Gayo's sound is similar to Partyshank and sometimes resembles the Foals. What makes this band different is that they not only play with traditional instruments but they also use toys to bring rock and Electro-pop rhythms together. Their debut album, named after the band, was released in March of 2009 with ten original songs in two languages, English and Spanish.The package has just been nominated for an Indie-o Music award for its originality.

"Fin the Transmisión" is their first single. The video for the song was directed by Hello Seahorse's "Won't Say Anything" director, Alfonso Flores-Duron and produced by Masiva Group (Pablo Alberti and Gabriel Cisneros).This colorful video exposes their style of electro-pop music and the toys they use to produce this sound. Their live performance is a must see. - Spin Earth

"Vicente Gayo Review!"

Several blogs and bands among them Austin TV told us that Vicente Gayo was the one Mexican band to watch for in 2009. On a first impression I was in total lost in to what’s so interesting about them to justify the anticipation; maybe their name in response to the American multifaceted artist that is Vincent Gallo, the entirely blue colored album cover (in its digital release) or maybe their presence in a lack of dance fuel in Mexico’s current rock scene. But letting the overstated expectancy aside, these guys are able to hold a first album and especially their influences aboard. The band does distance itself from its fellow teenage-oriented punk/rock bloody-wannabe bands (Panda, Insite and Finde), instead the band gets closer to the more pleasant sound of The Rapture and Bloc Party, embracing the electro-sheen and stirring beats to round up what they call punk, quite similar to Division Minuscula, Los Implantes and 60 Tigres.

The self-titled album never reaches uncharted musical grounds, but it is the owner of absurd raw energy that is nicely engineered and goes on parallel with its glossy lyrics. I’m a bigger fan of its outlying participants than the front hip stuff, like in “Rec Play Stop" where a clumsy song about a recording device doesn’t allure me much but the background accompaniment and response do, giving the song a sense of return and arrival (like in Bloc Party’s amazing debut). “Vas Bien” is a memorable piece, although clearly an interlude, it’s one of the album’s soaring moments as it is part of the process getting back into the process of learning, it’s such a gratifying moment whenever a friend says “you’re doing well.”

There are some songs in English that are fundamentally interesting in trying to understand the band’s influences and aspirations. “Conversion” is ultimately the only one that gets it right even if it sounds like Panic at the Disco, you just can’t go wrong with precise and sophisticated rhythms. It is however “G-A-Y-O” that becomes the heart of the album; it’s a headrush of all sorts, finding glory in sonic moderation rather than in musical exploration, a song that should serve them plenty of confidence on their shows and that sustains its capital letters with all merit. There’s a need for better sequencing, a lack of ingenuity with lyrics, and the lack of a strong theme to uphold these songs. But there’s clearly something special about them and it’s not a hidden quality like I thought, Vicente Gayo elevates its form due to its endless force within each song and its poignant, almost heroic objective to keep the sound moving. -


Vicente Gayo- Vicente Gayo , track that had been streaming: -fin de transmision.



math rock- meets circuit bending,combining modified toys and all the elements from a typical rock band,Vicente Gayo from Mexico city,they had been playing in the most important citys and venues from Mexico,recently they had a few shows in LA,considered one of the bands you should hear in 2009 in too many musical blogs,and magazines from mexico