Vice on Victory

Vice on Victory

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Vice On Victory is a fun, energetic pop/rock/punk band hailing from the heart of Ohio.

We'll never back down!


Vice on Victory, a fun energetic rock band from Columbus, Ohio, have been hard at work since 2008 perfecting their sound while growing a fan base that stretches all across the land.

With a "do-it yourself" attitude, the band took it upon themselves within their first year as a band to tour the U.S. with no support from a label.

With the growing success of social networks such as MySpace along with their own hard work, the band was able to sign a record contract with Standby Records before the end of 2008.

Now with label support, the band was able to release their debut full length album, "Glitter & Gold," an 11-track album full of catchy lyrics and melodies in the Spring of 2009.

Vice On Victory spent the remaining of 2009 touring in support of the newly released record. Along with a small run with the Vans Warped tour in 2010., Vice On Victory continued to maintain numerous shows a month, continuing to push their music and grow their fans base more and more.

Through various hardships and battles, the band mutually parted ways with Standby records in late 2010 has once again returned to an unsigned status, but not losing hope on the bright future ahead.

Being completely D.I.Y. the band has continued to tour the US extensively, while also releasing their second full length album, "The World On A Tightrope", in the fall off 2012.

The band is currently still touring while also working on their third full length album, expected to be independently released late 2013.

Vice On Victory has shared the stage
with such acts as; All Time Low, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Fold, E For Explosion,
Sonny, Oceana, Hawthorne Heights, Icon For Hire, The Matches, and many, many, more.

Vice On Victory is currently endorsed by; Fender, Ernie Ball, Brotherhood Custom Drums, and Imperial Cymbals.


"Vice On Victory (EP)" - 2008
"Glitter & Gold (Full Length)" - 2009
"The World On A Tightrope (Full Length)" - 2012

"Straight Jacket Strategy" - I Heart Radio
"Hearts Like These" - I Heart Radio
"Life Worth Living" - I Heart Radio
"Kansas" - Radio
"I'm Not Asking For Much" - Radio

"Glitter & Gold (Full Length)" and "The World On A Tightrope (Full Length)" - Spotify & Rdio Radio

"Straight Jacket Strategy" - CJAM Radio 99.1
"Hearts Like These (retrack)" - ClassX Radio 88.9
"I'm Not Asking For Much" - ClassX Radio 88.9
"Good... Bad... I'm The One With The Gun" - ClassX Radio 88.9

Set List

Consisting of original material. Typical Set List Approximately 45 minutes.

Capable of Doing 1-2 hours.