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Midwest Hard Rock/Power Pop in the vein of Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, UFO, Pezband.


Viceroy's music is best described as a blend of classic rock and power pop styles. The songs have big hooks with a hard hitting delivery. Each of the members have all been playing for many years and grew up in the 70s listening to all the great hard rock/punk rock bands of the day. The gr


One release only: Viceroy's debut album: "Viceroy" released in Feb '06 on Bushwood. The band is currently working in the studio on the second album set for March '09 release.

Set List

Our sets are usually 40-50 min long (about 10 songs). We usually only do 1 set per show. Sets are usually comprised of a mix of the following Viceroy songs but sometimes we'll throw in the odd AC/DC, UFO or Thin Lizzy cover:

Rock N Roll Poster
Reckless Girl
Make Out
Happy Ending
Dream Boy
Corpse of the Year
Better Dance
I Want To See You Shine
You're Gonna Have To Yell It
'77 Monte
Sheffield Town
Stick It In
Whose Side Are You On
Things I Do