Heart, energy, movement. Vices are a whirlwind of musicians brought together by forces unknown to make a unique blend of rock and roll that combines multiple influences from rock to soul to psychedelic to funk. Their sound is high energy.


Formed from old friendships and strange love triangles, VICES are a 6 piece band fromt the Green south of England and are currently in the studio working with Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Sounds) making their debut record on the west coast of the US.

Sam (lead vox), Andy (guitar) and Matt (bass) began the foundations for which would later become known as Vices while still at school. A year later as they started looking for more band members Sam bumped into his old friends the Loudon brothers who had been making experimental music in an abandoned water tower for a couple of years. All it took to unite them all was an unexpected phone call, a free house and plenty of wine. Not long after, the musical maestro known as Rory Seabrook joined on drums and the unit was complete. It was time to hit the road in search of pushing forwards their high energy, youthful and creative vision known as ‘Vices’.

The band's music incorporates elements of rock, grunge, soul and funk and makes for compelling listening and watching. With 3 guitars and 4 vocals the music is euphoric, energetic and like nothing else you have ever heard!


Currently in the studio with Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Sounds) making their debut record.

Set List

Vices have many songs but usual set list (give or take a few) looks like this. They typically play for 30 min but can go for longer when required:
Dust Ghost
Goodnight Vienna
Coyote Nowhere
Cold Cold Anita
Love Dog