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Vices of Vanity

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Alternative




"VIDEO PREMIERE: Vices of Vanity "Drink Drank Drunk""

Even though it doesn’t get much attention, especially compared to hip-hop and electronica, hard rock is alive and well in Atlanta. The new video from Vices of a Vanity is a take on the classic talent show tryout, albeit with a few extra beers poured on top, which matches the straightforward stomp of the song. The video, which was shot at Vision Studios in Chamblee, displays the band’s connection to their community, especially the local burlesque scene. Both the producer and the cameraman participate in burlesque, and one of the band’s go-to venues is the Glitter Land Burlesque show.

The trio’s inspiration may be the ‘70s hard rock of AC/DC, but it’s hard to view the band outside the lens of post-post-grunge acts like Halestorm. Something about the complete lack of irony and scruffy positivity of “Drink Drank Drunk” matched with the polished, arena-rock production is jarring, but the no-holds-barred simplicity of the track fosters an inclusive energy, if only the listener will loosen up and enjoy the camaraderie and chaos of life.

It’s been almost 20 years since radio-ready hard rock was the ubiquitous punching bag of the rock critic elites, and the blatantly traditional formula of it destined the genre to become a parody of itself and lose the musical battle of the era to a glut of stuffy indie-folk and festival bands. Even though it was relegated to an internet niche, it’s bands like Vices of Vanity who have been incubating and tinkering with the sound enough make it seem like time for a comeback.

Watch/listen above.

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Facebook: @vicesofvanity
Instagram: @vicesofvanity
SoundCloud: @vicesofvanity - Immersive Atlanta

"Vices of Vanity's Metal Pop Fusion"

Fresh off the release of 2018’s EP Rowdy, which exploded with rebellious energy, Vices of Vanity takes the stage at Smith’s Olde Bar this Friday at 9 p.m. to bring the anarchy alive.

The trio effortlessly finds the sweet spot between power punk abandon and the razor sharp precision of classic metal to provide a high octane rush suited for fans of Joan Jett, Motörhead and beer — as exemplified by the raging booze anthem “Drink Drank Drunk.” Vocalist and guitarist Lynnay Della Luce delivers scorching vocals and smoldering guitar riffs accompanied by the metronomic pulse of bassist Amy Epperley and drummer Hunter Cook.

The group is in the midst of a rapid growth spurt, and local concertgoers are encouraged to catch the rockers in the flesh while still able to get close to the stage. -

"Atlanta’s Vices of Vanity"

Atlanta is one of the music capitals in the nation. The city is a continuous fountain of talent that touches bases with every genre imaginable. Living here, it’s easy to see why. We have the venues, the culture, the transportation, and the inspiration in this sprawling city.
A band that’s taking advantage of their location is Vices of Vanity. “Our intention is to get back to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll,” says frontwoman Lynnay Della Luce who handles vocals, guitar, and the lion’s share of songwriting. Backing Lynnay is Amy Epperley, the finger-picking bass player who also has a hand in the songwriting process. Behind the drum kit is Hunter Cook, who must have fantastic cardio. Their songs are simplistic, wildly catchy, and raw, giving off the impression that their recordings were done in one take. Very punk.
Their lyrics are fun, straightforward, and have a modest touch of sex appeal. To top it off, they pile on crowd chants that bring a unified and full tone to their concerts, a prime example that less is more, even if it’s less of the band making the noise.
Vices of Vanity formed in 2016. The trio has a history of playing music together which is why their compatibility on stage is natural and unforced. They are already signed to Jawbreaker Records out of Cumming and are sponsored by Beautiful Disaster clothing line.
I had the pleasure of meeting the up-and-coming hard rock trio based out of Midtown at the Rock-N-Taco off Roswell Road in Buckhead. I park in the main parking lot of restaurant. The sun is gradually making its way below the city’s skyline as I’m finishing Vices of Vanity’s latest EP, “Rowdy.” The last song on the EP is a distorted cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie.”
I take a seat in the side room of Rock-N-Taco, where a Battle of the Bands is taking place. I see Lynnay gleefully chatting with a couple while the ambiance consists of glasses hitting the bar and ample conversation. We spot each other from across the room. She waves and takes a seat across from me.
“I didn’t start seriously playing guitar until I was 27,” she tells me. We speak of late starts. “I have a friend who wants to finish furniture. I’m like, ‘Then do it!’ Creativity is so important. And it’s never too late to start.”
“Amy and I played in an AC/DC tribute band for three years,” she says, “but we wanted to start writing our music. The cover band world is known to transpire into phenomenal bands. If that doesn’t pan out, well at least it’s fun. It’s a failsafe bet. But in Vice of Vanity’s case, it’s been working out just peachy.”
Lynnay is the perfectly svelte, tatted rocker-chick who also counts herself among the LGBTQ ranks, as she’s currently involved in a romantic relationship with another woman. Speaking of women:
“I love pop music, but in the current climate, I don’t think there is the best representation of women,” she muses. “It’s degrading. I’ve noticed the resurgence of women-fronted bands. which is inspiring. We want to inspire girls just to play carefree.”
“Has anyone made an off-handed comment or gesture directed toward you being a bisexual frontwoman of a band?” I ask.
“Surprisingly, no,” she says. “I think it’s our demeanor. We command the same respect from others in an unspoken way.” It’s reassuring (and not surprising, if you catch the band live) to know that Lynnay and her badass backup can do whatever the hell they want without any nonsense. Rock on.
Vices of Vanity is currently working on new material, and are about to head out on their most extensive tour to date. You can check out their catalog and tour dates at - The Georgia Voice

"Vices of Vanity: Drink Drank Drunk"

Vices Of Vanity are an Atlanta-based band who skillfully fuse elements of classic rock and roll with dashes of grunge, punk, and crisp indie rock alike. Their sound is notably fresh at present – thanks to their creative balancing between influences and a finely honed production job. The band’s approach to songwriting is also firmly rooted in the effective pop category – every song I’ve heard so far has offered at least one layer in the way of making certain you’ll remember and even walk away humming it. At the same time, the grittiness of rock prevents this from being an intrusive process – that authentic edge and that raw passion you hear in the vocals and the set-up helps make the sound feel alternative and increasingly likable.

Drink Drank Drunk is a strong example of all of this. Coming in at under three minutes long, the track introduces a band with a love for music and performance. The distorted power chords, the heavy crash of the drums, the raspy vocal and the quick rhythm of the verses – all of this paves the way in a cool and carefree manner towards an ultimately anthemic hook that begs for audience participation.

At its core, the song reaches out to the thrill seekers we all like to think we are – it quickly attempts to connect to those somewhat inevitable memories (or the lack there-of) regarding nights spent in the haze of intoxication. As suggested, it’s an anthem – simple yet genuine in nature, and very easy to get swept away by. The energy of the track is sky high and the recording allows the band’s strengths to really stand tall and appeal to our inner party addicts. A live show is likely to be where things really get addictively chaotic and memorable. Easily worth a listen at volume.

Look out for the official video for Drink Drank Drunk in February. Find & follow Vices Of Vanity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud & Instagram or visit their Website. - Stereo Stickman

"Vices of Vanity at Moon Rock Radio 88.8’s Premiere Party"

The trio that is Vices of Vanity is a fun loving rock band with rowdy songs and lyrics. Their catchy hooks and rock anthem riffs were the perfect addition to the Moon Rock radio 88.8 premier party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. Vices of Vanity is Lynnay Della Luce on guitar and lead vocals; Amy Epperly on bass and vocals; and Hunter Cook on drums.

Vice of Vanity released their EP Rowdy in 2018. With songs like “Bad Boys”, “Drink Drank Drunk” and “Rowdy” the band continues their tradition of creating tributes to their favorite vices: drinking and partying. Go ahead and crank it up and turn one up with “Bad Boys,” the opening track from Rowdy, from the Libro Musica YouTube channel.

If you are looking for a band to party with, Vices of Vanity should be on your list! Add them to your music library. You can stream Rowdy on Spotify. or download on iTunes.

Vices of Vanity is working to launch their next tour. Check out the band’s Go Fund Me page for the Rowdy Tour Summer 2018 and lend your support. - Libro Musica

"VIDEO PREMIERE: Vices of Vanity – “Loud”"

Hard driving rock and roll may have fallen out of popular favor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a slew of bands out there keeping true to its raucous, hell-raising spirit. Formed in 2016, Vices of Vanity is a female-fronted trio featuring guitarist/vocalist Lynnay Della Lucé, bassist Amy Epperley, and drummer Hunter Cook. Citing influences like Black Sabbath and AC/DC, the Atlanta band writes catchy, guitar-heavy anthems full of boisterous riffs and pounding drums as evidenced by their single “Loud,” a propulsive cut that seeks to tap into the wild, carefree energy that inspired the threesome to make music in the first place.

“‘Loud’ was inspired by the idea of youth and rockin’ out, bringing back the garage days, when there was no care about what tomorrow would bring,” says Della Lucé. “[It’s] about living in the moment and for the moment. It’s that picture of you and your friends driving down any road you want, playing your song as loud as possible. We just really wanted to capture a youthful spirit and keep it lighthearted and fun.”

Directed and edited by Evin Fowler and Eric Kays, the accompanying video was shot at Duncan Creek Skate Park in Buford, Ga. Much like the song itself, it’s simple and direct, relying on the trio’s unrelenting exuberance to pull the viewer through.

Watch/listen above.

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Facebook: @vicesofvanity
Instagram: @vicesofvanity
SoundCloud: @vicesofvanity - Immersive Atlanta

"Six Appeal: Vices of Vanity"

We ask bands and musicians 6 questions about themselves, their music and what they’re up to. Today’s the turn of American rockers Vices of Vanity. The three piece consists of Lynnay Della Luce: Lead Vocals/guitar . Amy Eppery: Bass/backup vocals . Hunter Cook: Drums and they play a brand a high energy, charged rock n roll. They’ve just released a new single “The Hard Way” and it is well worth checking out as are their lives shows.


1.) How would you describe yourselves?

We are a whiskey kickin’ female fronted rock n roll trio from Atlanta. It’s very high energy and we love to rock your face off!

2.) What are your musical influences?

Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC

3.) Favourite album or song?

Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath”

4.) Who is your rock idol?

Angus Young

5.) Desert Island Disc. What album couldn’t you like without?

Led Zeppelin I – too many good songs with amazing grooves, plus it’s just a staple album to have in your collection…you never get tired of it

6.) What’s the band up to now? What are your plans for the future?

Right now we are releasing another single called “Loud” and this summer we have our EP coming out. We are also hitting the local scene in Atlanta and Athens GA and looking to go out on the road this summer. Our goal is to get picked up by a national act and start touring next year. - Six Appeal


Single - Hard Way (2016)Single - LOUD (2017)Single - Zombie (2018)
EP - ROWDY (2018)



Vices of Vanity is Atlanta, Georgia’s hard hitting female-fronted powerhouse trio. The rock band formed in 2016 to offer something original to the cover-heavy ATL scene. The sound is a modern update of the old school vibe of Black Sabbath and AC/DC that recalls everything that’s great about rock music. The concept is simple: one guitar, bass, drums, and a seriously hot vocal are all it takes to rock the house. The band is guitarist/vocalist Lynnay Della Luce, bassist Amy Epperley, and drummer Hunter Cook. The three quickly developed a distinctive modern hard rock sound after just a few writing sessions and released the tough-toned single “Hard Way” in July of 2016. Following that were 2017 single releases "Loud" and "Zombie" (a Cranberries cover), followed by the band's first EP ROWDY, released in January of 2018. Vices has opened up for nationally touring acts such as Fuel, Otherwise, Through Fire, Righteous Vendetta, and Saving Abel. Vices of Vanity has become an Atlanta favorite, known for a no-holds-barred rock show that can burn the roof off of any venue in town. Rock fans: meet your new favorite band.

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