Vice Versa

Vice Versa

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Vice Versa...2 members...No Comment and Stellar. Stellar makes all the beats. we both have Complex lyrics, abstract and witty songs. Our rap content can be versatile or just about life in general depending on the song. No matter the song we try to deliver extremely lyrical content


Stellar moved up the street from me when I was going through a rough time in my life. He was going through a tough time too and we believe it was fate. We both would vent through music. One day we decided to try and write a song, and we've been in love with music ever since. Look for the Album coming out (Busted Ladders)


A ton of tracks done, but were perfectionists. So only a few are ready to be heard.
Shadowboxing with Death- Stellar Solo.
Devotion- No Comment has the 2nd and 4th Verse
Never Gonna Stop- No Comment has the 2nd verse
Triumphant- Stellar has the verses, No Comment- chorus

Selected by American Songwriter Magazine (Honorable Mention)

Set List

Triumphant, complex lyrics
shadowboxing with death, a hidden message of how hard it is trying to make it.
Devotion tells how were devoted to perfecting our rhymes. Never Gonna Stop, it says it all in the title.