Tunes written to move the feet, to change the soul. Not just music, we are a movement. While the world is asleep we awake the beat.


Vicio winners of Bambu Band of the year 2009 is based out of New York, Vicio is comprised of Ricardo Lima Diniz of Santos, Brazil (guitars),Samira Ashley (vocals, keys, percussion), Jonathan Kapps (guitars, keys, vocals),Matthew Rullo (drums) and Corey Hanna (bass). Formed originally by members Samira and Ricardo, the line up was revamped when Corey joined the band to complete the signature Vicio sound. This eclectic group joins their personal influences from California, New York and Brazil. Influenced heavily by 70's Rock, 80's Pop and 90's Grunge, Vicio has created a high energy & youthfully explosive sound. Vicio has combined their passion for music to create a new kind of Rock with a style that is so driven and energetic that it elicits such bold reactions described as, "seriously one of the best songs ever written on the indie scene"(iTunes customer review). Paired up with Samira's intense vocals it is easy to see why Vicio is a band that has combined the last 30 years of hit music into one addicting sound(George Pettignano, CBS Television). With their Indie/Pop/Rock sound, Vicio has joined the heartbeat of NYC and regularly plays clubs such as Lions Den, Crash Mansion, The Delancey, Pianos, & The Knitting Factory. Live shows can only be described as vivid, entertaining, and most importantly FRESH! - don't miss out on the chance to catch rock's biggest secret - VICIO


I Woke

Written By: Vicio

Sling back all the lies
you may be surprised
You may come to find more than you bargained for
A lesson can define
You may end in forfeit
The world is watching what you do may start a new, a new

It is lovely but it won't mean more to me

I woke yesterday morning with a saw a scissors in my hand
Do you even know, do you even know
Where I'm, headed tomorrow

In a dream last night
I conquered fear and died
By a shot gun killed me like prey
I dance that way
The voice told me to breathe
So beautiful, set free
No pain, no longer afraid of what may come of me, of me


The Fantastic World Of EP
War on You EP
"Backdown", "I Woke", "Knock one two" FM radio play in NY and online
"Mama Told Me" & "Over You" radio play in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Available on i-Tunes

War on You EP 2008
Performed on Fox 5 Fearless Music
Available on i-Tunes

Set List

Our set list can be 15-60 min

War on You (intro)
Sex Money Money Sex
Mama Told Me
I Woke
Painted Sky
Over You
Snake Rock