MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN



There was a time when you could go to the local church and catch your favorite psychedelic band, dance, do drugs and bask in the bliss of youth. Well,,,,the church has burned down, the kids are too stoned and VICIOUS/DELICIOUS are ringing in a new era of psychedelia. It's the kinda happiness that'll make you cry tears of joy. It's a soundtrack for the lost & confused with equal parts of psychedelic rock, classic rock n roll, shoegaze and folk music thrown in. After writing and producing two records in their Montreal studio, Hoodoo Recordings, V/D are bringing their psychedelic sideshow on the road. Like a femme fatale seducing it's prey, VICIOUS/DELICIOUS will seduce it's listener, make him lose control and drown in their sea of sounds. It's time to let yourself go...see you on the flipside. Choyce - cult leader

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Upcoming 7 inch. houses/loose girls

Set List

Don't Come Down, Spit Your Soul Out, Getting Close To, Anxiety, Loose Girls, Sad White People, Houses, Messin Around. 8 songs, average 45 mins.