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Vicki F

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Blues Singer/Songwriter




"Vicki F - Definite Yes - review"

Here’s a fascinating body of work. Vicki F is entering the fray with an EP of new material and a pretty fearsome set of credentials.

Definite Yes is not about to take any prisoners. Vicki says she is working at making music that comes from her soul. Well, here it is, and it’s damned direct.

We are talking impassioned vocals. We are talking some pretty meaty riffing on guitar. All wrapped up in some smart production, great songwriting and a healthy little shot of gently snarling punky attitude. But it’s got mood and heart, and tunes and thoughtful lyrics, too.

First out of the traps is The Desert. It’s an organic-sounding song which seems to mourn and to scold at the same time, and this interesting balance of emotional resonance is just one of the things that will ensnare the right kind of listener. It survives on raw nerve and power and some cool, accomplished musicianship driving through. I loved the use of repetition in the lyrics; the vocals upping the ante with each repeat, yelping and reaching down into Vicki’s inner self to deliver the message: ‘You left me in the desert’. Well, it looks like she’s found her way back from said desert, and if I were you, I’d pack my bags and get out of town. Now.

Musically, it feels like Vicki may have employed R.E.M as a backing band for a few of the songs on Definite Yes, but never more so than on The Desert. What a coup! It sounds muscular and assured. Authenticity reigns: you’ve got to love the electronic ambience of the guitar amps’ buzz at the top and tail of all of the tracks on the EP.

Tell Me You Want Me might be a narrative continuation of The Desert. Has the character from the first song found her quarry, forgiven them and is now propositioning them? It’s a fun idea, but works just fine as a stand alone piece, too (of course). This tune plugs in to a more pop-friendly arrangement, with some enthusiastic syncopated guitar and vocal moments creating some great instant hooks.

Everything Is Fine taps into Americana in a tuneful way that compliments the strong narrative thrust of the lyric. It’s a more sedate tune that allows the acoustic strums, piano and drum kit to crisply walk us through a sardonic (or is it?) rumination upon the state of our protagonist’s situation. Never has a platitude sounded quite so loaded! There’s some smart use of double tracking on the lead vocal that warms up and thickens the delivery, and this halfway point in the EP provides the perfect moment to reflect on Vicki’s definitive vocals and messages. Towards the end, we are encouraged to join in the singing with her (‘Everybody!’) – even if it is through gritted teeth!

‘There might be some glory / But there would be a price’. This little nugget of wisdom leapt out at me from Blood Moon. Rolling, syncopated drum patterns mark out the bones of this 3 minute gem.

And this track (again) emphasises how good the musicianship is on the EP. Effortlessly flowing, with just the right amount of flourish and never undermining the songwriting, this collection does a great job of showcasing Vicki F’s character and her singular, confident vocals.

Definite Yes (the track) concludes proceedings. And it’s hard to imagine a more emphatic conclusion. It’s as confident as the other tunes, but also a little more wistful. As you listen through the collection, you begin to learn the little idiosyncrasies of Vicki’s vocal style – like her penchant for ending phrases on a tricky triplet run – which is beautifully highlighted here. Some sweetly sung backing vocal pads add to the pensive atmosphere, but the refrain of ‘Definite yes’ punches through it all with its inherent affirmation taking us to an ending that comes all too soon. The ghost of R.E.M. (and also possibly Queens of the Stone Age!) is present and correct here, and I find myself wanting to reference Debbie Harry, Toyah Wilcox and, perhaps most obviously, Patti Smith to round this review off.

But Vicki F is carving out her own, distinct furrow, and it’s well worth our while exploring it.

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March, 2020, EP: Perfect Here, Produced by Ethan Isaac; Recorded at Factory Underground

Aug., 2019, EP: Definite Yes, Produced by Ethan Isaac; Recorded at Factory Underground

Anthology: It Happened But Nobody Noticed (anthology of bands that played during the 80s in the New Haven music scene)

Troupe Di Coupe, So Young, So Desperate (double CD) produced by Steve Kallaugher



“Perfect Here” is new latest EP from Vicki F, a follow up to her 2019 album “Definite Yes!” She recorded the work at Factory Underground Studio in Norwalk, CT, with producer Ethan Isaac. For those unfamiliar with the unique singer-songwriter, Vicki F is an authentic punk rocker from the late 70’s-early 80’s, whose band Troupe DiCoupe burst out of the original New Haven punk scene, performing at venues such as Ron’s Place and CBGB. Hilly Kristal, the owner of CBGB, said they were the only band other than the Ramones to go from an audition directly to a Saturday night slot. After stepping away from music for a number of years, the passing of a close friend led Vicki F to revisit her musical past, and this inspired a new round of songwriting. More stripped down in arrangement than her earlier work, her new music draws on diverse influences such as Patti Smith, Eddie Vedder, and Lou Reed. Yet even with the passing of time, and with the evolution of her style, there is no missing the original fire and punk rock spirit that gave her music breath from the very beginning.

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