Vicki Brown

Vicki Brown


Using violin, viola, voice, keys, guitar and whatever other instruments are at hand evoke psychosonic landscapes, shape-shifting sound sculptures to provide cinematic mood music for your life's soundtrack.


Tucson-based musician Vicki Brown experiments with instruments and pedals to weave tapestries of sound. While her roots are based in the classical music world, the rich collective of bands and singer/songwriters in Tucson lured her to expand her musical realms to include more non-traditional approaches to playing the violin.

Besides her solo work, Vicki performs with and contributes to numerous artists' projects, including Ian Moore, Naim Amor, Year Long Disaster, Chris Cacavas, Darren Hanlon, John Coinman. She has also toured with the likes of Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Amy Rude, and Campo Bravo.


Winter Garden (KEEP Recordings, 2006)

Carvings (2008, Self-release) is a collection of sonic shavings from larger and much longer musical logs.

Set List

The typical 40-minute set suffices, but I much prefer at least an hour for full performances.