Vickie Raye

Vickie Raye


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Written By: Vickie Raye/Randall Clay

I pulled that rock glass to my lips
Closed my eyes and took a sip
Of the lover that I ain’t kissed since I was the old me

It’s been a while since me and Jack
Spent time alone but I took him back
So he could take me back to when angels lied and devils ran free

There’s a ghost in the bottom of a glass that shakes his chains every time I ask for another one, so pour me another one
I don’t give a damn bout what’s in style,
or which horse just lost the quarter mile
Cuz I just lost the only friend I’d ever knowm
And life’s a bitch man, So pour me another one

I’m down to one left in this pack
If ain’t to much could I get a match
You know cigarettes & circumstance always seem to burn
Ain’t been around here in so damn long
And I ain’t got nothing ‘gainst bein’ gone
But old hats always fit the best
If you know what I mean


I know at a glance I may look empty
But, What you don't see