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Vickie Raye

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Band Country Americana


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"Radio Reviews on Debut Single FACE"

"...a first-rate Country power-ballad from Vickie Raye, who conveys the message of the song with such emotion and a powerful voice, that the listener can't help but become personally involved.  Can't wait to add this one to the playlist!"-Scott Kubala, PD The Boot, Farmington, MO.

“I gots chilly bumps all over again!”
Steve Ferguson
Music Director/Morning Show
788 Cedar Rock Rd
Thomson, GA 30824

“I really love this song”
Shelly Marx

"With the arrival of Vickie Raye's new single "Face", country music gets a great boost of fresh air.  All it takes is one listen to this track to know that a wonderful new voice is on the scene.  Give it a listen and then let your listeners tell you what THEY think!"
Jim Quinton
Music Director
Mountain Country 103.9 & 94.3 FM

"FB Quote from Songwriter Randall Clay"

"Where most see a busty, foul-mouthed, whiskey-breath, Puerto Rican Chick.....I see a busty, foul-mouthed, whiskey-breath, Puerto Rican Chick who can write better than you. Vickie Raye is one of the rare writers in town who have managed to stay unspoiled by the corporate polution that has all but dominated popular country music. In short, Vickie Raye is the kind of writer that other writers will one day write about."-Randall Clay - Facebook Feb 2010

"Various Reviews & Comments"

"Vickie's classic talent and soulful voice speak to the girls of today with unique lyrics and tunes you just can't stop singing. She is an undiscovered musical gem"~ Darlene Cavalletto AE Clear Channel Radio..

"Wow what a picture she can paint with words!"
Bart Herbison, NSAI Executive Director (2008)

"She will make her mark in the way that she sees fit. She'l be successful either way"
Ralph Murphy, ASCAP

"What you are doing, noone else is doing - in a very good way. There is a bright future for you"
Barbara Clloyd, BBC (2007)

"I like the song. It demonstrates good instincts without relying on formula or gimmickry."
Coach 168 - Song U Song Evaluation (Apr 30, 2006)

"Ok, I'm hooked...Hubby is hooked, Daughter is hooked, Dog is hooked (she dances to "Unlove Him"), we are ALL hooked. Dynamite in a Plastic CD case!"... "There are NO bad songs on this CD. This gal is going to go Platinum! Everyone will know who she is before too long."
Kathy Austin - Fan (Apr 30, 2006)

Vickie Raye has come into her own with "A DIfferent Shade of Southern". With something for every country lover this CD is bound to make a great addition to anyone's collection
- Bath Tub Music (May 1, 2007)

Vickie Raye is a talented singer with incredible stage presence. Sure to bring a crowd to their feet!
- Florida Festivals and Fairs (May 1, 2006)

- Varied

"Recommendation from CJ Watson"

For the past year and a half, I have been mentoring Vickie Raye in most aspects of her career in the music business. Talent and passion are of course extremely important in this business and Vickie has those in abundance. So what sets her apart?

It is my opinion that Vickie is, without a doubt, one of those who "will". She is smart, determined, talented, determined and has the requisite charisma and genuine integrity to make people WANT to do business with her. She has vision and is unafraid to dream big but is practical in pursuit of that vision....

I believe that she is the kind of person that SHOULD succeed; the kind that will improve the industry by her presence and make others proud to be associated with her"

CJ Watson
Author: "The Everything Songwriting Book"
Editor in Chief "The Nashville Rant"
Winner: 2008 Kerville Songwriting Competition
NSAI Song Evaluator - CJ Watson

"Review from Garth Shaw, Former Road Manager to Kenny Rogers, Oak Ridge Boys, and Sawyer Brown"

When this girl and her "Friends" get together it is an event you should not miss. They are doing it again on the 29th at The Listening Room. Someone should and I predict will put a label and tour together for these talented folks. And you'll say, "I missed the chance to sit up close!" (captured from myspace comment on

Garth Shaw,
Singing Roadie Music Group
Songwriter (Cuts by Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, Ronna reeves, Oak Ridge Boys, etc)
Former Road Manager: Kenny Rogers etc

- Garth Shaw

"Review from Shadow Mountain Music"

Vickie has a touch of Alicia Keys with some Gladys Knight mixed into her country.. Nashville needs more people like her ---full of heart, soul and best of all she's just plain "good people". You know the kind you wanna have a beer with and share stories? Count me in... I'm done - stick me with a fork!
Donna Britton
Vice President
Shadow Mountain Music & Entertainment Group
Nashville, TN

- Donna Britton, VP


"I first saw Vickie Raye performing at the Commodore Grill in Nashville,TN and all I can say is 'I got it.' She is pure Americana to the tune of Kris Kristofferson meets Mary Chapin Carpenter. I'm excited about having Vickie on the Beachbird label and looking forward to working with her." Greg Smith, president, Beachbird Records (Beachbird Records is a South Carolina based independent label first launched in 1988 and now re-emerging with the signings of The Redheads and Vickie Raye.)
- From Press Release dated July 31, 2009

"Vickie Raye - Cigarettes & Circumstance"

Cigarettes and Circumstance, the latest release from Vickie Raye, is a pleasant surprise in the somewhat overrun female country market. You can hear cigarettes and whisky in Raye’s growl on her low vocals, yet she takes on the highs with remarkable ease.

The Puerto Rican born artist has been performing since she was 8, with ‘Cigarettes and Circumstance’ being her fifth recording. I was fortunate enough to receive her sixth release, ‘Vickie Raye – Unplugged’, as well.

She writes much of what she sings, standard fare about heartache, lovin’, leavin’ and honky tonkin’. In ‘Afterburn’, one of the best ballads on the album, she sings with such soul and longing you literally feel the song. ‘Another One’ predictably requests another drink to drown the soul. There are more ballads on the CD than there are upbeat songs, however with a voice equivalent to butter, one doesn't mind that so much.

Although she is listed on an indie label, she is comfortably ensconced in the country genre, pulling interesting instrumentals from the piano, fiddle, bass, and drums for the majority of the album.

‘Unplugged’ treats you to more of her flawless voice, although I was expecting more stripped down instrumentals, and would actually like to hear her truly unplugged. There is definitely enough on both CD’s to make listening to Vickie Raye worth your while. My must listen to song is the aforementioned ‘Afterburn.’

For more about Vickie or to buy this CD, visit
- Music News Nashville byby Jenny Delamotte


Cd's include:
Unplugged & More
A Different Shade of Southern
Cover to Cover
Cigarettes & Circumstance



Imagine Kris Kristofferson & Eva Cassidy having a love child and you will find Vickie Raye. This independent recording artist and Singer/Songwriter was born Puerto Rico where she was adopted at birth. Raye began performing professionally at the age of 8 in musical theater in Miami Florida. Now, Raye is a permanent fixture here in Music City, TN and is quickly making a name for herself by writing strong lyrics, impressionable melodies and working hard to be better today than she was yesterday. Her debut single "FACE" is rapidly climbing the country music charts

Vickie Raye joined and performed as the front-man (or woman in this case) with the rock band Emerald Steel; touring Germany, Brazil and the US, With rave reviews in Rag Magazine stating that her voice transcended the band from just a Heavy Metal Band to a "Melodic Heavy" band. She was also performed as background vocalist for Gloria Estefan, John Secada and others for events such as the famed Calle Ocho in South Florida. In the country scene she's opened for Jeff Bates, Shenandoah, Marty Raybon, Billy Ryan, Randy Kohrs, Mark Collie, Randy Bowman and more. During those experiences she discovered a new world outside of the theatrical arena and loved it! A few years later, she began focusing on her solo career.

Since officially moving to Nashville she has been in and out of the recording studio working on demo projects and performing whenever possible. She has recorded 3 albums and is working on album 4: Cover to Cover (2005), Different Shade of Southern (2006), Cigarettes & Circumstance (2008) and Vickie Raye:Unplugged (2009) in addition to 3 previous CD releases prior to coming to Music City. She has earned a coveted spot playing at the famous Bluebird Café, as well as earned the respect of many peers amidst the songwriting community. Vickie Raye is ready to take the next step in her career and is the newest artist with PCL Music. Preparing to release her debut single "Face"to radio.

A talented singer with a powerful and soulful voice, Vickie Raye is capable of taking you on a journey from the very 1st song well into the last; leaving you wanting more. Raye writes raw, honest songs from her heart that she hopes will move others the way she has been moved by music for so many years. NSAI evaluators have critiqued of her songs “stellar melodies”, “and ability to paint an amazing picture”; and the infamous Barbara Cloyd, formerly of the Bluebird Cafe, said “You are doing what no one else is doing. It’s different in a very good way”.

Raye is honored to be a member of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International), the CMA (Country Music Association), The Grammy Association (NARAS), Folk Alliance, The Americana Music Association & ASCAP.

"Im not a girl" says Raye, "I am a woman, and I am proud to be one. I'm proud of my years so far on this earth. The love, the heartbreak, the mistakes, lessons learned, stretch marks and even a few extra pounds (literally and figuratively) and I refuse not to be allowed to sing about them; they make me who I am. Love me or hate me but I will sing my truth and it isn't always pretty. I’m just me. I write stuff that's real to me and that I enjoy singing. It's either good music or not and I try my best to deliver good music!"