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The best kept secret in music


"Great Dane"

An incredible voice has it’s way with catchy, edgy and somewhat eclectic guitar-driven music.

Vicky’s voice stands in direct contrast to her appearance throughout the album layout. Propped up against a Caprice in the photo on the back of the CD, Vicky looks young and maybe even a little shy. The guitar looks too big, her hands look too small. Pop in the disc and prepare to be blown away; Vicky has a voice that easily sounds like Nancy Wilson or Amy Ray. She sings with a remarkable confidence that works well on every song. She’s got emotion in spades and makes good use of range and vibrato. Very tasteful. As if Vicky’s vocal skills weren’t enough, she’s also a solid guitarist as well with an accomplished bass-drum rhythm section behind her. “Bright Yellow Jumpsuit” kicks in with a gritty, gutsy strat rhythm and by the chorus she’s smashing some overdriven open chords at a pretty fast clip while belting out “what are you gonna do with your free will?” The mix on “Wake Me Up” suffers slightly guitar-wise during the verses, but there are some interesting tones that pop in and out throughout. “Swirl” has a very convincing Stevie Ray Vaughan edgy-fat blues tone leading into a chorus that would make the Wilson sisters smile. A very nice, short guitar solo ties things together nicely in “How ’Bout You”. One of my favorite tracks is “Ice Ages and Eons” why didn’t this start off the disc? It’s got a great guitar line that drives the verses as urgently as the lyrics and the overall structure of the song is very clever an d less traditional. The disc ends with “Everything Changes” and a hidden track; two compelling and even slightly haunting solo acoustic pieces that showcase Vicky’s vocal and guitar skills perfectly. With “Ice Ages and Eons”, these were my other favorites.

If you are a fan of blues rock with thick, soulful vocals that strays slightly from the shortlist of textbook song structures, then you owe it to yourself to check out this disc.

Great Dane
Lime Light Radio Reviews

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"Dave Isaac"

Fans of Vicky Andres are in for a surprise on her new CD "That's That." On the opening track "Bright Yellow Jumpsuit" she raises the question "What are you going to do with your free will?" For her own part, it is clear that this time around, Vicky is going to rock!
She has for the most part, set aside the acoustic guitar that was so integral to her previous release "Attitude and Gratitude" and now fronts the band packing a Strat and a whole new attitude, and we are grateful once again.
One senses that perhaps she has resolved some of the issues that haunted her throughout "Attitude . . ." and that she is now ready to, as she says in the first single "Ice Ages And Eons", step back, let go, move on.
She handles lead guitar duties with confidence, and her soaring, Joplin-esqe vocals continue to thrill. From the passionate and deeply personal "Swirl" to the dark humor of "Hitch-Hiker Blues".
"That's That" from Vicky Andres is yet another first rate piece of work from one of Maine's finest singer-songwriters.
Dave Isaac WKIT 100.3

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"Garageband review"

Garageband review of “Bright Yellow Jumpsuit”
Napalm in the chords
This vocalist is like napalm. She burns across this song threatening to ignite even the lakes and the rivers. It is thrilling to hear a vocalist take a simple chord progression and with attitude and emotion torch the structure to the ground. The performance of the rhythm section is adequate because, really as long as you keep the ship under this woman she will take flight. I loved the lyrics in the second verse.
There are a few things that I would suggest about the arrangement. I would chop the 8 bar intro. 2 bars and right in.. I know it feels good to let the band settle into the groove and on stage it works but on a demo its just filler. My other suggestion would be to add a small guitar line to the "chorus" There are three bars that speed up and then the queen crowns it with the line " about free will" I would develop a line that ascends through the three bars until the vocals come in.
This is all I've got. Awewome smokin stuff
Richmond Heights, Ohio -

"Garageband review"

Review of "Bright Yellow Jumpsuit"
Listen to that bass
Nice bass work... really puts a twist on this song. Very nice rock and roll voice. Sexy but hard. I think I'm in love:-).. Nice arrangement not the same all the way through.
Reviewed by: SECRETPROJECT from Karlsruhe, Germany


"Garageband review"

Review of "Ice Ages and Eons"
A voice that could kill!
great pipes. i like the intro vocal cadence, it sounds nice and soulful. thats saying a lot considering not much new music has that feeling
Reviewed by: Icares from Omaha, Nebraska



1998 February Rising CD
2001 Attitude and Gratitude CD
2006 That's That CD
Singles streaming "Ice Ages and Eons", "Bright Yellow Jumpsuit", "Toss and Turn"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Vicky wrote and sang her first song at age three. Since then music has been her defining feature. She began playing guitar at age fourteen and even though things weren’t easy for her, she was determined to learn and soon music became her savior and escape. All self taught, she was influenced by the styles of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimmy Page, soon developing a seasoned bluesy style and a sound that she made her own.
Her vocals have been described as a mix of Grace Slick and Ann Wilson with a little Melissa Etheridge thrown in. Strong, powerful and pleasing to the ear. Her ability to ROCK you can easily be compared to the great Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders.
She has tremendous respect for the gifts that come to her in the form of a song. She writes from her own truth and experiences. Most recently her writing has become much more upbeat and positive, boasting life is good and I’m gonna sing about it!
In 1998 she released “February Rising.” A first of many dreams to come true for this musician. A chance to share her music in recorded form. Then in 2002 came “Attitude and Gratitude.” This release showing much learned and considerable growth. Her current cd “That’s That” is by far the best yet. Her writing is creative, fresh and reels you in right away. Her guitar playing fiercely commands you to take notice.
Vicky has shared the stage with many including Phillip Walker, Tucker and Thomas, James Armstrong band, but her ultimate dream would be to share the bill with Live, her favorite band, for whom she has the utmost respect.
Joining Vicky are the amazing talents of Mike Chesk on bass. His experience and advice are to say the least are immensely valuable. On drums is Jason Dean who has been playing with Vicky for seven years. Jason is extremely versatile. He is a rhythmic gem. Vicky is currently promoting her current release and booking performances along the east coast.

“Vicky Andres should be acknowledged as being among the leading singer songwriters of her generation. Her songs –self confessional, passionate, life affirming, full of poetic imagery and always intelligent, combined with her rich, powerfully engaging, slightly on the edge voice and imaginative, sensitive guitar playing… draws the listener in and never lets up. Vicky is truly an outstanding talent. She needs to be heard by many!!!”
David Maxwell, Tonecool Records.

“Power and passion. An amazing singer and songwriter. Startlingly original,Vicky Andres has the chops to go all the way to the top.
Dave Isaac, WKIT Bangor, Me.