Vicky Emerson

Vicky Emerson


Singer/Songwriter Multi-Instrumentalist Nationally Touring Indie


Vicky Emerson grew up on a pig farm in the small village of Elmwood, Wisconsin (self-proclaimed UFO Capital of the World!) As a young girl, on her way to piano lessons, she traveled gravel roads in the beautiful rural countryside. She was a quick study and discovered she had inherited her grandmother's incredible musical talent. Vicky received scholarships to continue her studies at University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where she also began writing her own songs for the first time.

As a mid-western farmer's daughter, Vicky is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice. After watching other independent artists like Ani DiFranco garner success on her own terms, she decided in 2000 to start her own independent record label, Triad Entertainment. Currently, Emerson lives in Manhattan and when she's not on the road, she has become a staple at the infamous Living Room on the Lower East Side.

Emerson is proud to be an instrumental participant of the indie trend that continues to gain momentum in NYC and across the country. She has shared the stage with other acclaimed indies such as JoAnna James, Anne Heaton, Ellery, Matt the Electrician, Vanessa Peters, Abi Tapia, Daniel Marcus, and Idgy Vaughn. She continues to tour with over 250 dates a year and her next album is due to release in the Spring of 2009.


Vicky Emerson
Hold On EP
A Winter Moment
Dream With Me
Moment of Clarity
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