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"ALL I DO.. is think about you!"

Vicky Martin!

Loving your rendition of 'All I Do', this will be getting heavy play on Pressure Radio! You have a beautiful voice! ~Nate Spross
The Living Room -
- Nate Spross - Pressure Radio


Thank you for doing justice to "All I do" not everyone can do Stevie's material without making a mess of it :-)
- Photo Soul Media


I've always loved "Not Gonna Do It" and "Nowhere To Run"...your voice is so distinctive...I remember watching you perform at Club Zanzibar back in the day and you tore the house down...I just love that growl and deep moaning. The great gospel legend Clara Ward was a moaner as well...those moans have so much meaning, color, shades and profundity rooted in the African-american experience via Africa. Happy to hear some new things from you...I read somewhere ... Ce Ce Rogers said to you... Come on.... VIC... "Let's make those hits!" I'm feeling "Call Me" as well...and your version of "All I Do"...I love the way you do your runs & glides on that one!
You are simply INCREDIBLE. - KRIS - House Music Lives - NJ

"Don't You Worry!"

WOW VICTORIA.....DON'T YOU WORRY IS A TUUUUUUUUNE ..... YOUR VOCALS REMIND ME OF ARETHA FRANKLIN ... I WANT MORE !!!!!! WOOOOOP ! CHECK US OUT AT live djs streaming soulful deep house - Carol of Pressure Radio

"Don't You Worry!"

Victoria - You have blessed us with your annointed vocals on "Don't You Worry" and I thank and Appreciate ya!!! It's an awesome song of Praise to our God. Love & Peace,
Dewey - Dewey- Diva Entertainment - NY


LOVE U MUCH!!! - Super Producer & DJ Cassio Ware


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Victoria Martin
THE ONE WHO SINGS!!!!! was the title given to Victoria at the tender age of six, All through preschool and Kindergarten, Victoria would sing jingles and songs she heard on the radio and T.V. Commercials. She LOVED to sing, dance and perform. Victoria was encouraged to pursue music from her grandmother and her Aunt. Victoria would sing for anyone without even an ounce of intimidation. She began singing in church. Victoria was always seen smiling. This began the development of a beautiful personality and a talented Young Lady. By the age of eight she won a State wide writing competition. The recognition and the experience helped to develop her into a great motivating writer. By the age of 12 she won a State wide Talent Competion, called “THE LITTLE MISS SWEETHEART COMPETITION.” Victoria sang, danced and performed a scene from The Wizard Of Oz in this competion and won the hearts of many. This encouraged her to want to be involved in Theatre. Realizing there was more to This Little Miss sweetheart, Victoria Then began to audition for plays and talent shows where she could continue winning the hearts of many. At the Age of 14 she attended Arts High School majoring in Music. Victoria loved performing and being on the stage or in the limelight, so she eagerly joined other Groups that would bring more attention to her many talents. Victoria was an active member in many groups and organizations in school. As an active member of the drama club, Glee Club, Pep Squad and the Gospel Choir, Victoria was always involved in different programs. It was at the age of 14 that she bedazzled all the Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Fellow Freshman by auditioning and then WINNING 1st place in a Talent Show sponsored by the Seniors. When asked about her remembrance of this day, Victoria smiled and said, “That was actually the first time I ever was really nervous. I stood in front of SO many.. holding a Real live Dog in my arms singing “Home” from the Wizard of Oz. The dog did not want to sit still in my arms. He moved and squirmed and made the performance hard for me, it was then that I realized the true meaning of Improvisation. Every Move the Dog made, I worked it into my act, still singing but moving with him around the stage smiling and singing to him. IT WAS AMAZING!” This opened more doors for this Talented Little Lady. Victoria was busy in and out of school. From home, she formed a gospel singing group called the Gold and Silver Stars. In School she formed a Female Singing Group called Essence. These groups kept Victoria very busy as she continued to perform for many and in many events. Victoria is always remembered by the strength, the tone, and distinctive growl-like sound in her voice. Many say she has a SOUL STIRRING VOICE and a personality that lights up any stage. Victoria has mastered the Art of Vocal Music, and promises to give her audience more of her inspirational performances and inspiring writings. This is just the beginning for the talented woman….. who is ALSO KNOWN TO MANY AS …
“Da Brown Skin Bomb Shell” When asked about this name, Da Brown Skin Bomb Shell, Victoria states Marshall Jefferson the GODFATHER OF HOUSE MUSIC gave her this name after they worked together on her first song called “NOT GONNA DO IT!” Marshall described Victoria as this cute little brown shell of a woman, with this big ENORMOUS voice. ONCE she begins to sing….its like a BOMB that goes off.