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Sent: November 8, 2009 5:16:57 AM
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This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting competition.
We wanted to contact you and let you know that the Song of the Year song &
lyric writing contest has received the votes from the judges from
September¹s round
. Though your material did not place in the top 5 within it¹s respective
category, your material was still quite impressive. You did make our "Runner
Up" placement as listed at:

Your track 'SET ME FREE' is being tested

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Test type: Soundbite test
Ordered on 21/03/2010
Executed from 22/03/2010 to 29/03/2010
Sent out to 74 tracktesters
Answers from 16 tracktesters

Excerpt of comments
the best song of the bunch today - - great 80s guitar pop throwback...made me want to hear Marcshall Crenshaw
I like that many different people with different situations are able to relate to this song, all because it's nut _just_ a love song

- songoftheyear

"set me free song"

VIC-M - Set Me Free
We are happy to introduce you another solely exclusive for our listeners, first of all on FELIX NETWORK, of course! His name is VIC-M from Montreal, Canada. His personal music experience began two years ago while noticing that he often had a melody in his head. He learned some basic chords on the Internet and started reproducing the songs, hence he is a real and genuine self made artist. Afterward VIC-M started to approach music software, acoustic guitars, keyboards and mixer devices. His knowledge is undoubtedly full of creativity and most appreciated by local artists, in fact in earlier times he had the chance to liaise with local professional bands and he performed several shows in Montreal. Just six months ago he started collaborating with a very talented musician and VIC-M gained many skills in music techniques such as how to do arrangements and style. VIC-M has been so gentle to release FELIX NETWORK an unusual interview (done via email due to distances) in which he states "I want to change things, be close to people and convert their feelings into music; I am really looking forward to be signed by a record label", and one of his most representative quotation is "The music is running in my veins, I can feel it. Await friend the curtain will open soon. You are going to see the beginning, the middle, and the end. This is my life". Well, he certainly fulfill all the requirements to be classified as a HAPPY SINGER, full of hope and nice rhythm. This is the main reason because FELIX NETWORK is happy to welcome VIC-M on our play-list, a new and fresh HAPPY HITS. It will be on air from Monday 22th of March


We recorded a EP of 8 songs. We are still working on the songs to complete a cd 12 songs.
The songs "set me free" is presently playing in several internet radios for testing. The same song was sent to major radio stations for their opinion. We got very good feedback and some of them are ready to play the song. However we prefer to complete the cd.




"Music is running through my veins, I can feel it. Await friends, the curtains will soon open. You will then see the beginning, the middle and the end. This is my life."

Let me introduce you to this musical phenomenon named VIC-M.

VIC-M spent most of his life in Canada. He has a strong multicultural background. His fans talk about his music, lyrics and the sexy accent on his voice. Guessing where he comes from is not an easy task as he speaks fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. This can explain his passion for global music. When it comes to what influenced him the most so far in his career, he does not like to be categorized. He calls himself a "chameleon". He aims to be unique and surprise people of all ages with his songs.
His musical experience started 2 years ago and here is how he describes it.

"It was a difficult time of my life. I was sick and started hearing music in my head. I decided to go back to an old acoustic guitar, learned some basic chords on the internet and started reproducing the songs. People liked my music and encouraged me to go further".

He started by producing a home demo which he put on several web sites like my space, garage band, I like and others. Soon afterwards, he started receiving messages from people who enjoyed his work and wanted to collaborate with him such as the Canadian artist Qbanito who had a #1 hit in Québec, production SB Inc., and others. He worked with professional musicians developing songs and performing live shows in Montréal. He was finalist of several contest like “song of the year”.After several collaborations, he finally connected musically with LP., a young multi-instrumentalist. They decided to record and produce an album together. LP., is a very experienced musician with school degrees in music. He participated in several projects such as the realisation and production of the album X by the band 1ID, performing several shows in Canada and Asia as a drummer, playing at the Festival De Jazz de Montréal and others. All the songs found on the demos were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by VIC-M and LP. in a small home studio.

VIC-M is not only a musician but someone who knows where he is going. He builds objectives and does what it takes to meet them. Sure one of his main goals is to make money, share his music and be famous. These are some of the reasons why he is looking forward to be signed by a record label. In a short period of time, he did what can take a lifetime for some artists to complete. He composed his own songs, learned how to play guitar, build vocal skills and is now recording an album that should be completed in 2012.

"I want to change things, be closer to people and convert their feelings into music. I am very persistent and never quit. Some day I will be in your home in your heart, playing on your radio. I want to see myself playing live on TV".