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*Vic Miranda* Discography:
Vic Miranda - Telescope "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Loopybell "Pornographic Recordings"
Vic Miranda - Loopybell "Donkeyhead Recordings
Vic Miranda - Haru "nOObish Records"
Vic Miranda - The Sigh "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Jack Theme "Brotech Records"
Vic Miranda - Subminimal "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Aqua "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Hieroglyphs "BlackPitchMusic"
Vic Miranda vs DJ Chich - Electro Vagabond "Ekhoport"
Vic Miranda - Daydream "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Belial "stereOOxid"
Vic Miranda - Phoenix "shOO Records"
Vic Miranda - I Got Soul "MushiTunes"
Vic Miranda - New Age Is Coming feat. Shanya Bella "shOO Records"
The Mad Hatter - Round Up (Vic Miranda Remix) "stereOOxid"
A.Paul - Presence (Vic Miranda Remix) "Naked Lunch"
DJ Elle & Victor Miranda - Angel's Desire ft. Rafael G (Vic Miranda Remix) "shOO Records"
Dj Wank - Frisbee Bass (Vic Miranda Remix) "Orbiter Music"
MLOBO - Anesthesia (Vic Miranda Remix) "stereOOxid"
MCJ - Conga Bross (Vic Miranda Remix) "stereOOxid"
Fabian Schumann - Enjomo (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Frank Master, Jacqui - Chante Chaud (Vic Miranda Remix) "Intension Muzik"
Girandon - Spectra (Vic Miranda Remix) " Records"
Fabian Schumann (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Vitale & Fernandez (Vic Miranda Remix) "stereOOxid"
Linda Mathias - Trauma (Vic Miranda Remix) "stereooxid"
ElectroholiX - Addiction (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Narrator - Walk in the Light (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Cristian Paduraru - Beatport (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Artaban - Aeronel (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
ND Catani - Rock the Disco (Vic Miranda Remix) "YARecords"
Louis Botella - Together (vic miranda remix) "Yaaaa Records"
Louis Botella - Let's Be Free (vic miranda remix) "Yaaaa Records"
Super Loud Bros - My Days (vic miranda remix) "Yaaaa Records"
Louis Botella feat. Jo Franzine - Africadanca (vic miranda remix) "Yaaaa Records"
Oscar Guzman Jr. feat. Boligno -To Feel Me Yeah ! (vic miranda remix) "stereooxid"

*Victor Miranda* Discography:
Victor Miranda feat. Eva Diva - Times
DJ Elle & Victor Miranda - Angel's Desire ft. Rafael G "shOO Records"
Victor Miranda - Mood For Love feat. Rachel Huggins "shoo Records"
Rams Fax - Some1 Like U feat. Kaleb Simmonds (Victor Miranda & Elle Remix) "shOO Records"
Nari & Milani - Disco Nuff feat. Max C (Victor Miranda & Renzo Bellanima Remix) "Rise Records"
Dopefish - Common Loon (Victor Miranda & Kittymeoww Remix) "Bombeatz Ink"
Louis Botella - Beautiful Summer feat.Linda Newman (victor miranda remix) "shOO Records"
Fred Mendez - Summer Of Passion "shOO Records"
*Compilations featuring Vic's Tracks:*
Palazzo Vol.3 Mixed by Dj Rush: Vic Miranda vs DJ Chich - Electro Vagabond
DJ Rush live at Palazzo Airbase DVD: Vic Miranda vs DJ Chich - Electro Vagabond
e-Lake(2000) Victor Miranda My Heart Keeps Burning
e-Lake(2000) Victor Miranda - Dance
*Production For Other Artists*
Babacar "In Ur Life"
Babacar "U Won't Forget Me"
Inox - Les state arriva "inox rec"
M Lobo - Intenso "stereOOxid"



Vic took his first steps into the musical world in 1993 At that time, he was mainly influenced by hip-house, acid house
and new-beat, but also by the rap and hip-hop movements. Having grown up with these eclectic music styles gave
him the desire to experiment with synthesizers, drum machines, computers and anything else that made noise.
So hedecided to get into music production, which has now become his main passion.

In 1996, he discovered and was captivated by techno.
This was an important turning point for Vic, as he then made every effort to increase his knowledge of electronic music.
This was the year that he also played for the first
time in a club in Germany. Many other live sets followed in different clubs and countries such France, Belgium,
Portugal, Spain, etc.

Vic has spun for festivals such as “MTV iDance”, “Nature One”, “e-lake” “We Want More of Diz” (in Erfurt, Germany),
“Got Milk” (in Strasbourg), and in various clubs such as Metropolis, Le Folies Pigalle, Redlight (in Paris),
Row14 (inBarcelona), Duplex, Radost FX (in Prague), Club58 (in Luxembourg), Fuse (in Brussels),
Pacha, Kapital, Fabrik, OHM (in Madrid), Tresor (in Berlin), Locomia (in Algarve)
and XEX Nihonbashi, Amrax, Axiss, and Trump Room (in Tokyo).

Presently, Vic is working under two separate musical personas: Vic Miranda and Victor Miranda.
Vic Miranda is a techno underground project, while Victor Miranda is more progressive house.

Vic’s many years of work and research have helped to bring new standards of quality to his music and has enabled
him to develop a lively career in this field.
Vic released his first 12? single on “Ekhoport” (Cisco Ferreira “The Advent” label).
This track also appears on two compilation CDs and DVDs (V.A. - Palazzo Compilation Vol.03 – Mixed By DJ Rush).

Subsequently, he worked with Cristian Varela, Nari & Milani, High Spies,Chich, Danny Casseau,
A. Paul, Luis Leite and Wla Garcia.
He has also released tracks on labels such as Pornographic Recordings, BlackPitchMusic, DonkeyHead and NakedLunch.

Along with this flurry of music production, he created two labels in 2007 and 2008:
StereOOxid and shOO Records.
The first introduces techno artists while the latter showcases progressive house artists.