Vicodin and Me

Vicodin and Me


We are a a hardcore band from Barrie, ON. We are always on the lookout for shows and always writing new songs. We have been told we have a good stage preformance and have very good preoduction.


Vicodin and Me started around 2003, long before anyone thought they would get a well-structured song written, let alone make it to their first show. The band has been through many members, names and even genres but they always managed to stay together through these changes.

The band that exists today was formed through a rendez-vous in front of a merch tent at the Vans Warped Tour in '05 that none of the members would have ever expected. Guitarists, Kip and Cody, were both caught off-guard when they saw ex-vocalist, Chris Killingsworth right in front of them. After a few minutes of talking and some exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses, it was decided that they would try the band with Chris again. He was in with the first scream.

With less than a month as a full band, Chris booked a show with Supernova at the Foundation Nightclub. Each member did their best just to make it through the set alive but in the end, they came out (almost) on top, placing 2nd in their first show. They also placed first in the Peoples Choice online vote but were ineligible due to the placing they had already recieved.

The band has played several gigs since then with such headliners as Social Code, The Black Maria and Flashlight Brown. They intend to branch out and get their music to as many people as they can by playing in as many different places as they can. They went into the studio for a weekend in mid-December to record their first EP which featured six of the songs they had written at the time. They sold about 100 in the first month.

About two months after the EP was recorded, their bassist, Jon, was forced to leave the band due to certain family issues. It only took a few weeks to find a replacement, Sean, but after one show he decided to leave, the genre just wasn't for him. After a couple of months of hard searching and a few empty-sounding shows, they were introduced to another Shawn. He was very devoted and learned their music very quickly, leaving a great impression on the band while also adding another level of diversity to their writing.

Vicodin and Me is influenced by many bands such as Norma Jean, Bury Your Dead, Bleeding Through, Ion Dissonance, The Acacia Strain, Aiden, Alexisonfire, As I Lay Dying, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Between the Buried and Me, Caliban, Killswitch Engage, Poision the Well, Throwdown, and many others. They combine the sounds of these bands along with the musical visions of each member to bring you the thunderous metalcore sound that they strive for.

Vicodin and Me is planning to record a full-length CD by the end of 2006 and to tour through Ontario and possibly Quebec during summer 2006.


Brace Yourself, You've Been Murdered
Recorded at Sunflower Studios in New Lowell, ON

1. Hello Purgatory
2. Horror Symphony
3. Apithia of Delphi
4. Magnum (You're Mute)
5. Lady MacBeth
6. It's Not the Bodycast that Scares Me (It's the Obituaries)

New Stuff

1. Watching You Fly Through the Windshield
2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
3. Flawless Victory
4. Stay Gold

Streaming audio can be found at these locations:

Set List

Watching You Fly Through the Windshield
Flawless Victory
You Give New Meaning Drop Dead Gorgeous
Stay Gold
Apithia Delphi
It's Not the Bodycast that Scares Me (It's the Obituaries)
Lady MacBeth
Forever - As I Lay Dying

35 Minutes on average