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Vic Sadot


Vic Sadot lives in Berkeley, CA. He performs original topical songs (1) solo/duo or (2) with the Crazy Planet Band. Vic performs French Cajun/Zydeco songs of the Louisiana Bayou (3) with Planete Folle Band. Please specify which act you are interested: 302-607-1884 or


Vic is a singer-songwriter offering mainly original songs in his (1) solo/duo and (2) Crazy Planet Band shows. The topics range from the kind of subjects you would expect from one who claims and celebrates the folk tradition of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, and Phil Ochs as his heritage. Crazy Planet Band has been around since 1979 and is Vic's showcase for his original folk, rock, and blues songs. (3) Planete Folle features Cajun, Zydeco, and New Orleans R&B covers, many of which are in Louisiana French.

News Journal writer Gary Soulsman once referred to Vic as “the Pete Seeger of Delaware”. Indeed, environmental preservation themes and tributes to local places are celebrated in such titles as White Clay Creek, Our Only Chesapeake, The Brandywine and The Christina, The Fog Watch on Limestone Road, The Swans on Smalley's Pond, The Rugged Hills of Landenberg, and the Chuck Berry-style boogie driven classic tribute to the Delaware shore known as Good Time Delaware.
Vic's most recent songs take on the issues of our post-9/11 times. Titles like Mad Cowboy Disease, Are You a Citizen, The Ballad of Pat Tillman, and Cheney's in the Bunker have been put into rotation at Pacifica's new internet radio station at and they can be heard at
Vic's friend, Dean Banks, has created several videos for YouTube, such as The Ballad of Pat Tillman

When Vic Sadot jump starts (3) the Planete Folle band with his "Pointe Noir" 10 button accordion into a hot Cajun/ Zydeco song like Makin' Love in the Chicken Coop or Zack’s Zydeco, and when the whole band suddenly puts on those bright-colored, bizarre-looking Mardi Gras masks, get ready for a stunning and memorable show! Monty Cullum brings finesse and experience to the electric guitar; Mike Reynolds delivers a rich transcendent piano accordion that generates an enticing dance ambiance. The superb drumming of the legendary Nashville sessions man, Chris Sherlock, accompanied by the steady driving bass runs of Jimmy Pritchard make for a formidable dance rhythm section. The soulful vocals and contagious joy for this French roots music that Vic Sadot puts into the mix tie it all together in a way that engages audiences of all ages! The 1998 Philadelphia Folk Festival program guide put it like this:

"What Planète Folle gives you is sweet Cajun soul mixed with hot Zydeco pepper! They will take you cruising through the Bayou back roads to that swamp party where the good times roll! You will feel like you've been carried off to a traditional "Fais Do Do" Dance Party!”

Planète Folle specializes in creating a good time dance party atmosphere with hot Cajun 2-steps, beautiful traditional waltzes, steamy New Orleans R&B, and spicy Zydeco songs. The band performs this repertoire with deep respect and commitment to the energy and authenticity of the sound, style, and French lyrics of the Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana. Planète Folle is a highly original act in terms of Vic’s C/Z song writing as well as in delivering a sense of the meaning of many of the great classic songs of the Louisiana Bayou. Vic often writes one English verse that boils down the story of a song for those who don’t understand French. It all translates into “Beaucoup Fun”! Pronounce the name right by making it rhyme as in “Let the good times roll with Planète Folle!

Planète Folle has had the honor of playing Louisiana music in many great places over the years. Highlights of their celebrated “Bon Temps Rouler” shows would have to include the “Gene Shay Folk Music Show” and “Kids Corner” on WXPN, Wilmington DE's Grand Opera House “Grand Gala”, numerous New Year’s Eve shows for First Night Wilmington, Newark Community Day events, the Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA, the Bethlehem Musikfest, Chadds Ford Days, Delaware Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, the Delmarva Folk Festival in Hartley, DE, and many summer park concerts, country clubs, private parties, and weddings.

The official web site for Vic Sadot's music projects is:


Broadside Balladeer

Written By: Vic Sadot

I remember the year that Broadside Balladeer
Took his own life away, so they say…
Now I still long to hear him singing true and clear
How I miss that Broadside Balladeer!

So I'm gonna say it now!
I can't say it when I'm gone
Let us not speak falsely now
For we must be movin' on
Is there anybody home?
Is there anybody here?
To be true to a Broadside Balladeer!

In the dark of the night, he would stay awake and write
At the rallies he would raise us with a song!
He would roam through the land, and like Woody he would stand
Cause he wanted people's struggles to be strong! (chorus)

Just a boy in Ohio grew up so he had to go
Steppin' outside of a small circle of friends
Surely as the Changes came he would shame the Chords of Fame
When he called on us to try and make amends (chorus)

Seems like just the other day, he went down to see Chile
Victor Jara and he sang side by side!
ITT, the CIA, and the Junta had their way
But the dream they tried to kill still hasn't died! (chorus)

Copyright April 16, 1977 Victor Rene Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music, Sound Exchange

Ballad of Pat Tillman

Written By: Vic Sadot

Pat Tillman was a kind and a caring little boy
He brought his mom and pop a lot o’ laughter, pride, and joy
They tried to teach their son how to tell the right from wrong
How not to be a bully just because you’re big and strong

Young Tillman was a legendary famous football star
He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar
He made a lot o’ big plays for his Arizona team…
And he made a lot of money in the American dream!

But after Nine-Eleven, he had to throw it all away
To fight those “evil doers” who could kill in such a way
When the Towers and the Pentagon were scenes of blood and death
Pat Tillman swore to avenge them or to breathe his dyin’ breath


So remember Patrick Tillman when those flags are all displayed
How the Empire stole “Old Glory” for a fear and hate parade!
Yes, remember Patrick Tillman! The many like him wars have made!
And Hell has no fury like a patriot betrayed!

Instrumental Bridge with Irish chant: Dee da lie de yay…

He believed the “official story” Bush told of the attack
To take the “war on terror” to Afghanistan and Iraq
He started asking questions from those far-off battlefields
He was reading Noam Chomsky… to his mother he revealed

On that fateful day when those bullets cut him down
Well, he was hailed a hero in every little town
The Pentagon exploited him as a recruitment poster boy
Made up a phony story for the media to deploy

His parents at the funeral were torn with grief and strife
They were used just like young Patrick who’d just lost his only life
The tragic truth was not revealed! It was “friendly fire”, not the foe!
They were lied to like the “hero” of the propaganda show (chorus)

Instrumental Bridge with Irish chant: Dee da lie de yay…

They were roundly castigated when they dared to tell aloud
How their son investigated…How that also made them proud
How he planned to work for peace, if he’d ever make it back
Pious pundits called them “traitors” in a wolf pack attack

Pat Tillman was a legendary famous football star
He was handsome. He was humble, and admired from afar
He made a lot of forays for his Army Ranger team…
But Patrick died for Bush’s lies…For a nightmare, not a dream!

Alive he might be helping take the treason team apart
He was bravely asking questions, yes, and he was very smart
If Nine-Eleven Truth reveals a home-made psy-war raid…
Then this phony “war on terror” ‘s just a cover-up charade! (chorus/bridge/chorus)

Ending: Repeat last chorus slowly. Change 3rd line to read “lies” instead of “wars”.

Copyright 2006 Victor Rene Sadot,BMI,Orbian Love Music

See the video version by Dean A. Banks on YouTube:

Mad Cowboy Disease

Written By: Vic Sadot

You know its kind o’ Sci-Fi what’s happenin’ today
A Zombie epidemic has hit the USA
You get it through your TV… Listen well, I’ll tell you how
It attacks you in the brain like contaminated cow!
It’s just like in the movie, “Night of the Living Dead”
One day when you wake up… You’re cracked up in the head!
It happens when you fall asleep in front of your TV’s
And when you start believin’ bull, you’ve got Mad Cowboy Disease!

Mad Cowboy Disease! Mad Cowboy Disease!
You won’t find them funny when they go on killin’ sprees
Mad Cowboy Disease! Mad Cowboy Disease!
Please put ‘em all in padded cells, and throw away the keys!

The symptoms of “Mad Cowboy” can lead to travesties
Like lying just to justify bombing who you please!
“Mad Cowboy” can be fatal… It can make you paranoid…
It can make you maladjusted, a person to avoid!
You rave against the “terrorists”… Then you murder like they do!
You even claim the “peace-niks” are terrorizing you!
Your old friends and allies, you see as enemies
It’s mighty freakin’ dangerous, Mad Cowboy Disease!

We don’t know how they caught it, but we have some theories…
On how they got infected with Mad Cowboy Disease
It happened very early on… when they first occupied…
Positions in the government… and from the first they lied!
It must have been the dinner of the Inauguration Ball
They must have had some “mad cow” on the menu after all…
It might have been the burgers or the fine filet mignon…
But there ain’t no doubt about it, you can see their minds are gone!

Come gather round, good people, we need to find the cure
It’s such a nasty problem… It’s one we can’t ignore
The crew that runs the White House… They’ve got this dread disease!
You can see it in the madness of their greedy policies!
“Mad Cowboy” is contagious, but there are immunities…
One of them’s as simple as turning off TV’s…
And talkin’ with your neighbors in your communities…
There’s really only one cure for Mad Cowboy Disease!

There are no easy answers, no simple remedies…
To something as deranging as Mad Cowboy Disease
You’ll notice that they’re vicious… outing names like like rabid dogs!
Turnin’ on their own when they speak truth to power hogs…
Mad Cowboys lust for violence and killing like a fiend!
They’re very “anti-social”… They should be quarantined!
But we should be “compassionate”… give them some place to go…
Perhaps a ranch in Texas if its walled around you know!

Last line in last chorus: And put “An End To Evil” Mad Cowboy Disease!

Copyright 2004 Vic Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Songs
Song #1 on the 19 song 2005 compilation CD, Broadsides & Retrospectives

Bourbon Street/Rue Bourbon

Written By: Vic Sadot

Hey, everybody what you doin' tonight?
Cause I know a place where you can feel alright!
It's down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
It's down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
Yeah, come on everyone! We're gonna have some fun!
We're goin' to Bourbon Street!

Hé, tout le monde qu'est-ce qu'on fait ce soir?
Car moi-j'connais une place pour manger et boir!
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
Oui! Allons tout le monde! Nous aurons un bon temps!
C'est à la Rue Bourbon!

They've got jazz! Yeah! They've got blues!
They've got the Cajun/Zydeco! Swamp Pop too!
It's down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
It's down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
Yeah, come on everyone! We're gonna have some fun!
We're goin' to Bourbon Street!

Y a du jazz! Beaucoup de blues!
On a le Cajun/Zydeco! Swamp Pop et tous!
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
Oui! Allons tout le monde! Nous aurons un bon temps!
C'est à la Rue Bourbon!

They’ve got jambalaya! Etoutfée!
Give me a bowl a gumbo ‘for I fade away!
It’s down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
It’s down on Bourbon Street! (Bourbon Street!)
There’s fine food to eat! And the women are sweet!
They’re down on Bourbon Street!

Y a le jambalaya! Etouffée!
Donne moi un bol de gumbo avant de fermer!
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
C'est à la Rue Bourbon! (Rue Bourbon!)
Y a la bonne cuisine! Et les femmes sont fine!
C’est a la Rue Bourbon!

Copyright 1993 Vic Sadot, BMI,Orbian Love Music,
Crazy Planet Records, Sound Exchange

Beer Muscles

Written By: Vic Sadot

Get that beer hog away from the keg!
Get him out on the floor! Make him shake a leg!
Keep that booze brain away from me!
He’s got a reputation we don’t need to see!
He gets “Beer Muscles” and he wants to fight!
But we’re just here to party tonight!
Beer Muscles! Messin’ with me again…
Beer Muscle Man!

Yea, ol’ Beer Muscles, he’s ready to fight!
It don’t matter if he’s wrong or right!
Cause ol’ Beer Muscles, he’s a macho man
Suckin’ suds of courage from a cup or can
Ol’ Beer Muscles starts to strut his stuff
He’s got to let you know that he’s mean an’ tough!
Beer Muscles! Messin’ with you again…
Beer Muscle Man!

Yea, ol’ Beer Muscles, he’s strong as an ox!
Big ol’ belly full o’ rollin’ rocks!
Hey, Beer Muscles! Get out o’ my face!
Take your tantrum to some other place!
You get “Beer Muscles” and you want to fight!
You just might get what you want tonight!
Beer Muscles! Messin’ with us again!
Beer Muscle Man!

Yea, ol’ Beer Muscles drank all he could hold!
Beer Muscle Man got bad and bold!
Beer Muscle Man, what you tryin’ to prove?
Beer Muscle Man, you better make your move!
Beer Muscle Man done waited too long…
Passed out on the floor right where he belongs!
Beer Muscles! He ain’t messin’ with no one now!
Beer Muscle Man! Beer Muscle Man! Beer Muscle Man! Rest in peace!

Copyright 1986 Victor Rene Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music, Sound Exchange
Released most recently in 2005 on Broadsides & Retrospectives


(1) 1985 2 song 45rpm single Good Time Delaware/Born To Win
(2) 1988 12 song LP titled Ride The Wind
(3) 1997 16 song CD of Cajun/Zydeco and New Orleans R&B Songs of the Louisiana Bayou by Planete Folle Band:
(4) 2005 19 song CD "Best of 25 Years of Vic Sadot Recordings" is a mix of folk, rock, blues, and one reggae and one Spanish song under the title of Broadsides & Retrospectives:
(5) 2011 16 song CD "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs"

(6) 2016 18 song CD "Truth Troubadour"

Set List

Vic's acoustic solo/duo act, or Vic with either Crazy Planet or Planete Folle Band, can be counted on to deliver 3 to 4 forty-five minutes sets per show. The original repertoire shows are a mix of love and nature songs mixed with story ballads done in Americana folk, blues, and rock styles. The Chuck Berry boogie style dance song, Good Time Delaware, the hard driving blues beat, Respect for the Road, the funky blues cartoon song, Beer Muscles, and the pop sounding, Comeback Kids, are the kinds of songs that make Vic's showcase uniquely original and fun!

When Vic fronts the Planète Folle band the repertoire is mainly covers of Cajun French traditional songs and popular Zydeco classics, such as Jolie Blonde, Madeleine, Lafayette 2-Step, I'm Comin' Home, Zydeco Joe, Aux Natchitoches, Evangeline Special, and Tous les Ton Son Ton. Vic has a number of original songs in this area which he does in French and English, such as Bourbon Street/Rue Bourbon, Zydeco Cruising, and Beautiful Babes o